RANDOM CHAT: Hella It's My Birthday! [warning:photo-heavy]

I woke up with this on my bed...The Culprit: Papa E.
color block[?] bouquet.

Holy Matrimony.I was rummaging through my files recently and just realized I wasn't able to share snippets of my Natal Day last 28th of April. I mean, I only managed to do a Vlog and I totally gave up adding photos as the resolution gets really effed up when it gets uploaded in YouTube..probably due to my video editor[?] I need to find a better software soon. Anyhoos, will just let photos speak for themselves. If you've seen the Vlog   you prob'ly have an idea how this day went. I'll try my best not to be like an annoying parrot, aite?

He knew how I missed Red Ribbon's Choco Mousse. I have a weird [again] way of eating it--layer by layer.
I asked him why did he put 3 angels. He said, "The 3rd one is our future angel..our baby".

We grabbed a quick lunch at The Lido Restaurant as my mom said that their Pugon-Roasted Asado is not to be missed.

the hungry-pilit-smile of papa E.

Chow Time!

Chami Special...[short for Charles-Mila] Special? Another good tasting noodles.

As you all know I haven't been celebrating my birthday since God knows when. I just have one thing on my mind on this day... to go to Antipolo church and do my 'panata'. I was a devotee of this church since the day I was born.  As in I have to go here on my exact birth date. But then due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn't able to stay true to my devotion. But then I make sure that no matter what the day is, I still make it a point that I will go to this church. It always gives me the feeling that I am -home.

As we were driving along UP campus, 3 MMDA's attempted to stop our car. Non-chalant as we are, we passed them by.. then wondered why. It was only after 10 minutes that we remembered it was our coding day. So we had no choice left but to stop over at Eastwood. I totally had no intentions of shopping on my birthday, but since we're there I  managed to grab some stuff at Beauty Bar.  My mom was at the park area, being her Miss Congeniality self, as usual.

camwhore US.


can't believe Lee is coming over!

and of course, the obligatory BnW shots...

then we decided to grab some...

cranberry + roasted milk tea...25%sugar

somehow fancy their packaging...

my serenitea-ddicted mom!
i wanted to match my color-blocked bouquet lol!
clothes+wedges-Robinsons [SG]; white belt+bracelet+ring-Far East [SG};
watch-CK; shoulder bag-Dooney & Bourke

I opted for a very subtle gold+grey eyes as I don't wanna be a walking buddha 
(hellow yellow!)on this day. Besides I really hate putting makeup on this explicitly humid weather. I actually left most of my makeup thingamajig in SG so a few of these items are my mom's. Hello mom! I find it sweet when a mother & daughter shares kikay stuff.

Smashbox Primer; Clinique Perfectly Real Make up in True Beige; Clinique Blended Face Powder No. 02 Transparency

Urban Decay Primer Potion; Estee Lauder Extravagant Gold Palette; Sephora Pewter Grey Duo Eyeshadow; Sephora Slim Pencil Liner; MAC ProLash in Coal Black

Origins Pinch Your Cheeks

eos lip balm in Summer Fruit; MAC Pink Nouveau; LIp Gloss by H&M in Hula Hula in Hawaii

I totally felt like I was a 1-year old kid once again, celebrating her first birthday for the very first time. It aches my heart every time I will look back at those times I've spent it away from my loved ones.

I treasure you both so much that I love you both more than my life. 
Thank you for giving me life mom.

as always... 
Thanks for having the heart that understood mine.

Did i bore you?
You've been warned.


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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