HAIR AFFAIR: Copper & Caramel Bob by Salon De Choix.

HAIR AFFAIR Copper and Caramel Bob by SALON DE CHOIX

Rusted Sweets it iz.

Seems like I am stuck with BOB. 

The last hair makeover was my Marsala Bob , link here  

Not that am complaining and for my latest hair affair with Salon De Choix, there was a no spur-of-the-moment shambles. It never fail to awe me you see, this hair affair. It's like herding a new breed of unsolicited advice from friends; Perm then color it pink? Get a louder hair color this time babe! ; I got one word for you, C H O P. 

CHANGING my hair has been an emotional investment. Sure it does make me wait but it brings back an old me. 

Decisions, matter how I paddle it creates identity havoc. Then I execute the rhythm and polish which I can adjust to my liking. Then I don't need to fork out a ticket in pretending someone I am not

Some personalities change depending on their hair color, before I slipped too. I used to have a max of 4 on my hair, bold as always; loved the stare, the sigh, the raised brows. It was a heartstring fiddler. That was then. I believe I mellowed in time. 

 Now why I said rusted sweets ?
The Copper and Caramel Hair Makeover of course, done by Salon De Choix 

 WILLIAM, my hairstylist. So cool and so fashowyn no?

You will love this guy's attitude. He knows how to always open up a conversation. He is good in even telling if I am not in a mood to really talk and be alone for a while to enjoy my me time. He knows what a good timing is and has a great sense of humor. I can see his interest in listening when we chitchat during our hair session. Such a humbled guy too. 

I am deeply IN LOVE with the layers...can you see the havoc of colours? On your right, see my jaw hehe.
The copper-still-reddish-marsala-remnants-mocha reflects ?

This was the BEFORE me! Mind you, tempted to get another pixie since I find it distastefully sentimental, heller especially now that it is the summer season noh! I can already tie up my hair but how I wish I could put it up in a bun, finding excuses to cut it short!

Finally reached SALON DE CHOIX! I use to walk from Somerset MRT Station, it's about 5-8 minutes depending on your pace and as you can see, selfies did not help in getting there in time for my appointment LOL.

My usual cup of calmness, their JASMINE GREEN TEA. It's unlimited and really makes me feel a lot better since it's cold inside the salon; makes me wanna snooze some more haha. If you wanna ask why not coffee since I wanna be awake, I just find that the tea makes me more alert. Wonder what is so special about their tea here?

"WHAT COPPER!? I do not want to be walking like an oxidized ball of hair!" LOL. 

That was my reaction when William told me what colour will I be expecting. He politely asks of course beforehand if I have something in mind. I wanted another red but you see I just had the MARSALA so it's off the list.

But he ensured me that copper suit me and yes, he did the right mix naman ... yaye! As for the cut, he did soft layers instead. Pixie-0, Bob-2. Told ya, sticking with BOB for a longer haul this time!



Thank you Salon De Choix team, especially to my Stylist William, Chester and Director Sharon Wu for taking care of my hurrrr!  Love you all to the moon and back ღ If you wish to try out their services, contact details below! You can get an instant 15% discount when you quote my name!

Salon De Choix
3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 Singapore
 +65 6836 2959

Thanks for looking 

HAIR AFFAIR Copper and Caramel Bob by SALON DE CHOIX







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