HAIR AFFAIR: A Marsala-Inspired βoβ by Salon De Choix.

Marsala-Inspired βoβ  My Hair Affair with Salon De Choix 2015

Gee Wheez. 

My flagging energy level dragged my whole human being existence to finally bring back my hair to Salon De Choix

Ever since my tresses met and had a relationship with Salon De Choix -I never strayed, of course. 

There is just one problem.

I came in with a vague idea of what I really want. Just that I want to grow it out and have some fun colour.

And when I was done with my hair

and olour ღ ツ 

 here is what I looked like.

I got a chin-grazing Marsala-Inspired βoβ.

Bob, a baffling 3 letter word. So many bob styles you see, there's asymmetrical, inverted,graduated, stacked, etc! So which one do you think will suit you? Beats me. I'm not able to review each style for you sorry as I am no hair connoisseur.

I lost count on how many times I had a bob cut since I was young and most of them gave me the normal bob, meaning I just feel like my hair is short but I was not feeling it, if you know what I mean

I have to thank my new hairstylist, William for his impenetrable sense of decorum that made this possible. 

William's style is simple ☛ He transformed what I think what I want in my head to something that is actually even better. William is silent but fierce with this works. He has a great eye for flattering cuts and did a terrific job adding volume and body to my relatively fine hair. This is the best bob cut I had, an A-line style which not so many stylists can pull off so well.

A-line bob is shorter at the back and has longer angles at the front. I have been blown away at William's ability to take my stark mad mane, give it a magnificent direction and a style that gave me something fresh without chopping  my hair off . (Hey pixie, lemme miss you for a while yeah?) .  I could not be more pleased about my experience, and my fab haircut. Been receiving compliments for it actually.

Salon De Choix is still its usual posh self, but do not get intimidated as it has a very placid environment ; such a nice place to relax while getting your hair done. They got friendly staffs, none of those snooty attitude. One thing I have noticed is that the Salon cater to a special clientele: upbeat, open-minded ones, satisfied and very diverse. This is a quaint salon, underneath their salon chairs and sleek walls is a striking palpable chord of professionalism. 

Now going back to my hair.

This was the 'before'. Platinum blonde fades to a yellow blonde and I think Alfred Hitchcock can whip up a new suspense flick just looking at my hair. But for some reason, I still like the unruly style and the ombré haha!

After the ✄ is done . . .

You know what?  After the initial cut, I actually just wanted to ask William to declare "And you're done!"

ove the bob cut to bits ◕‿◕

 But of course he will still polish the cut after the hair color is all done.
I will only request for him adjust the ombré to a slightly darker one, see the pic below?
This is exactly what I wanted. This is exactly what I had pictured inside my head. 

But after a thorough discussion, he recommended a few colors to match my personality and lifestyle. As I was still indecisive, he gave me time to think about it. He never rushed me and seriously, it took me a long time before I decided that I wanted another red, but no lurid red this time around.

Ze Marsala colour was unintentional.

I just told William any shade of red will do. And badda bing badda boom, I got me some Marsala splashlights. If you avoid having high-impact coloured hair, I think you could try this. Splashlights emulate the effect of a beam of light hitting your hair. Perfect style for the coming spring and am happy to carry Pantone's color of the year..Marsala.

I was surprised to see this when I Googled "Marsala Hair" haha! It's punishingly sweet. 
It's cool to see something like this after my hair appointment. The only difference is that fringe LOL.

The best part of my haircut is the back view and the treatment William gave me.

I was gobsmacked with the entire look of the bob & the renewed healthiness my tresses got. 

 I also noticed that my hair colour does shift under various lighting.

Anyway, end of the day -- he nailed it. Exactly what I was asking from other stylists for like ages. Thanks William, Sharon and Salon De Choix for always giving me a fa-hb hair  So happy that am now BACK-to-BOB.

You know where to go in time for a new look this Chinese New Year.  Quote my name and you will get an instant 15%off ت

Salon De Choix
3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 Singapore
 +65 6836 2959

Thanks for looking 

Marsala-Inspired βoβ  My Hair Affair with Salon De Choix 2015







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