EVENT: TROY SURRATT. An Interview & Surratt Beauty in Singapore Standout Picks from the Maestro Himself.

Troy Surratt : An Interview  & Surratt Beauty in Singapore Standout Picks from the Makeup Maven Himself. 

This interview. Truth is, it's been sitting in my draft box since the day I have met makeup maestro, Troy. Pardon me if it took a while. Aside from meeting and interviewing him, Troy left me with brilliant and bewitching moments. Not just about makeup but on how one can fine tune their self-identity.  

Troy Surratt simply cuts from one beauty tale to the next, isolating his passion. His passion is rich - almost too rich actually,  like a moist, creamy, luscious salted caramel red velvet cake. 

Talking with Troy makes it much like I was sippin' a cuppa latte. Between its rich flavor and warm, frothy milk, Troy's entire personality and passion stole my heart. 

He's dashing alright. 

He started at an early age loving fashion and makeup (he grew up in Kansas btw).  Not an ounce of time wasted that he stopped chasing his dreams. Troy is known to be a makeup protégé of the legendary Kevyn Aucoin, he also worked with and became an ambassador for Maybelline New York, aided in launching Tarte Cosmetics and worked for celebrity A-listers Charlize Theron, J.Lo, Olsen twins, Kim Kardashian, and Adele to name a few.

Now his own makeup line dubbed as Surratt Beauty have been officially launched in Singapore. I have high respect for artists like him, flying all the way to Asia and being really hands on. Prior to this, his makeup line was launched in the US and UK, Barney's New York being the main host of every woman's dream of owning a piece of Surratt. 

What is your makeup inspiration for SURRATT BEAUTY ? 
 Troy Surratt: My fascination for Japanese and French beauty products. Innovation is very extraordinary in Japan and my makeup line is a culmination of my thorough research and dedication. 

The philosophy behind it?
 Troy Surratt: Customization and no wastage. Sure, customizing is not a new thing but I made it modern sleek and of course, sexier. 
(The shade names are in French actually, so if it's not sexy for you I don't know what to say anymore...)

Standout products? 
Troy Surratt:  The Artistique Blushes, Lipsliques and the Lash curler. My brush set is another topic. They're one of a kind. 

Surratt Beauty includes bright shades, luxurious formulas, and a foxy method of a refillable eye-liner pen, eyeshadow palettes that you customize yourself, a highly engineered top notch eyelash curler, and special black and white lip glosses that you can add to other lip colors to lighten or intensify them.

They feel great on the lips, has a 'cushiony' feel with that unique shine; not overboard when worn if you ask me.  

These black and white lips glosses are also known as lip toners, they can change the color of any lip gloss when you put this on top. I was in awe when Troy did it and I saw it with my own eyes... even transformed a certain bright shade into pastel, wow!

Too bad it was unable to reflect perfectly on cam. I suggest you witness this for yourself over the counter. Add white and you get a lighter color, black if you want a deeper one. It will slightly alter the hue of any lipstick, that means more shades for you! Troy described this logic as a simple art. 

The blushes were made via slurry technology, meaning they were liquid (poured then gently pressed) before it turned into a powder. Just like a cake batter! It transforms into a smooth yummy bar of cake. Surratt's blushes are indeed velvety, all in rich, rich, rich color!

There was a huge waiting list for this before. The lash curler with an ergonomic design that eliminates pinching, giving the perfect length and a wide-awake curve. Less pressure for the lashes? I. am. seriously. lusting. on. this. matte. black. beauty. 

Aside from picking his brains about beauty, I was stupefied on how he fleshes out humility. He has every right to brag about his achievements but boy, his makeup line reflects his complete reverence not just to himself but to others. 

If you ask me, but why respect? 

His makeup range that highlighted innovation means respect for me. As Troy invested on what women really want. He has given us freedom to choose, and that for me is respect

Innovation, quality and respect. I do not think one can be shortchanged with Surratt no matter what. 

Dear Troy,

You are surprisingly marked by meekness. Having the privilege of interviewing you not only made me realize things about makeup but on how a man's passion can unhinge self-identity. Thanks for the bag of inspiration, Troy. Now I know passion ain't just a theory but a plague that I can find myself well, wriggle with bliss. 

With love,

Surratt Beauty is available at Beautique, located at Level 3, Takashimaya . 
You can also visit their website:

Thanks for reading everyone

Troy Surratt : An Interview  & Surratt Beauty in Singapore Standout Picks from the Makeup Maven Himself. 



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