GIVEAWAY/REVIEW: Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water. On My Discoveries on Its Uses plus a Giveaway.

Bio-essence BIO Spring Miracle Water 

I have just wondered...
If water 's encapsulated?
oh mann disaster
I'd be more than a lazy bum to even swallow a pill.

Which made me wonder even more..

How much water do we really need?
Would 8-10 glasses per day suffice?
I don't know about you but to me..
I let my thirst be my guide.

With that I have started to let a face mist be a staple inside my bag;

for times I needed an extra boost
I make an extra 2-3 pumps and that's it.

I did not expect much from the newest product from Bio-essence;
the Bio- essence Miracle Spring Water .
First off, the word "miracle"?
I had high hopes that this would be 
"therapeutic" in one way or another.
But I did not stop there..
and educed my Einstein-within-me-mode haha.

What it claims:
Uniquely low in mineral & super low in salt content yet rich in trace minerals for 2x the cooling, soothing, softening, moisturizing and anti-irritating effects.
Aqua(Bio Spring Water), Nitrogen.

I think I should start my long list of discoveries for face mists.
I've used this on a daily basis,
tried  a few different ways and here's what I have found out so far.

As a quick perk me up for parched skin
>>train, bus or plane..mode of transpo doesn't really matter.
expect a refreshing feeling but not a cooling effect
If you are a backpacker, or has a dreaded road trip scheduled every week;
this is a must get.

Which leads to your make up starting to wilt with all the humid and all...
I did not notice any extra "pro-long"wear with this
however it did help in sealing in my moisturizer.
Locked in softness in an instant.

At times when I just finished bathing..
and automatically go to my kitchen to have a cup of coffee,
makes me forget my skincare routine for a couple of minutes.

When I go back to my vanity area,  it's either I wash my face again 
(to prep it up once more!)
that is when I grab a can of a face mist and spray it liberally on to my face.
You needed a semi-damp face for all your skincare soldiers to do their jobs, baby.

I tried using this a toner;
Ever convenient in a spray form, no need for cotton pads or balls!
Remember that toners restore skin’s pH balance after cleansing.

The best part of my discovery...
When I eat outside...foodcourts or hawkers
You know how the smell tends to cling on your hair?
I applied this and helped in neutralizing the cooking/food smells.
Tap water would also do that,
err, do you really expect me to come hunting for a faucet all the time?
at least this one comes in handy and it's easier to control.

Shoot me but
Not that I would like to justify the benefits of water inside a fancylicious can
(that's the truth, sorry..haha!)
but still if the price tag does not make me sting...
I do not see why I would not budge and buy myself a can.

whoops can I still add one more?
I tried spraying this on when I was with E during a heated argument..
it worked !
Not to the point that it made me feel better neither I wanna ease up the "heat";
I just pulled it out from my bag, impromptooooo!
So when  E saw I sprayed this on, he uttered with a confused brows and face...
"Are we talkin' here or ?"
Then our eyes met and we both laughed!
Oooh, there goes my instant arbiter LOL

Unless you wanna spray this on your boyfriend's face eh? Tsk tsk, do not be a meanie kei? But who knows, he might end up liking the refreshed feeling then you can make peace already hehe!

Bio- essence Miracle Spring Water 
Available in 3 different sizes ; Retails for 25ml (SGD 5.90), 100ml (SGD12.90) and 300ml (SGD28.90)

Not the most exciting swatch..
err, what do you expect..
it's just watahhh! lol

I have 3 bottles of the Bio-essence BIO Spring Miracle Water to giveaway.

Open to Singapore Residents 

To qualify you must like :: wickeRmoss :: Facebook Public Page here!

Just simply like this picture and leave a comment below on why you wanna win a bottle!
Leave a valid email address for me to be able to contact you in case you win..

I'll pick 3 lucky winners, 
Contest to run for 2 weeks!

Best of Luck ♥

I will approve all valid entries all in one go :)

Update as of 07 Feb 2013
I am officially opening this as an International Giveaway....
ends on the end of the love month, 28th Feb 2013.

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