REVIEW: MEKHALA's Bringing you Nature's Blessings (First Impressions Review)

The Red Logo originated from an ancient Chinese alphabet meaning bliss, or selfless state of mind. Mekhala (pronounced as May-Keh-Lah) means – Angel. Bringing you "Nature's Blessings".

I snapped this when I was in Sabah, Borneo and realized that farmers are most often times ignored. Rice doesn't grow on supermarket or grocery shelves people. Just made me realize.. no farming, no food. 

I came across this thought when I stumble upon a very interesting company, called MEKHALA. They boasts of a vision of creating happiness through their high quality products: for the body, for eating, and for the home, which are made to please all your senses. The company offers spa products & organic foods which are all unique in their own ways. Their food products are organic while their spa products are all 100% natural. Are you aware that some products label themselves as organic but then truth is, only 1 or 2 is organic and the rest are not? That solely defeats the purpose of calling it organic isn't it?

A couple of fab products from MEKHALA reached my hands recently and am really excited to test drive 'em all. So, shall we start with initial impressions?

I do admire companies who does not only give you product just for the sake of giving it to you.  MEKHALA has been kind enough to know my personal preferences to be able to really cater to my needs, not wants. They were so patient with my queries and the whatnot. So when I opened the package, I was like a 6yr old kid on the loose, ready to swim into that colourful pool of balls! So basically, all of these products were my personal choice, yay!

MEKHALA Organic Ruby Rice 

I am a brown rice eater when I'm usually home here in Singapore. They make you easily full & they're healthy, packed with more vitamins and fibre than white rice. I chose this beautiful red organic ruby rice, the one that has a nutty flavor and is perfect for making congee. I love how vacuum-packed it is and the red grains just look pretty. Looking forward to concocting my own recipe with this:)

MEKHALA Young Rice Milk Soap

Next up is milky stuff! I love anything milky, lotion, soaps even with removing makeup, I like to use cleansing milk instead of cleansing oil. So I got the Young Rice Milk Soap and goodness it smells like a newly bathed baby! Using organic soap, cleaning face with milk, and using natural moisturizers like olive oil improves skin texture, they're paraben-free as well and other chemical additives that is, of course harmful to our skin. I was so happy I read that the label says this has olive oil in it! I'd be using this for my body as well, a perfect match to the next product which is the Young Rice Milk Body Lotion.

MEKHALA Young Rice Milk Body Lotion 

The lotion has vitamin E and moringa oil. This is one of the desired oils by most beauty companies as it aids in skin rejuvenation, has anti-ageing properties and is efficient in blemish removal.I didn't know that this oil is also rare and luxurious! The other bottles provided to me were of course, the Black Rice Shampoo & Conditioner. 

The Black Rice shampoo has the ever reliable aloe vera, which is of course known in promoting hair growth. The conditioner on the other hand has moringa oil as well. It can deeply replenish moisture & help protect from damage. To me, they smell of combined honey and caramel in one, just hope I won't eat my hair after I've used them :) 

MEKHALA Black Rice Shampoo & Conditioner   

Of the bunch, my taste buds can't wait to splurge on this Organic Longan Honey! Longans are my favorite and now they're in Honey form, wow. They said it's really delicious on toasts, cereals, or even cakes. I'm already thinking on what should I pair this with... pancakes or waffles? How about baguettes?  Perhaps I need to be in my baking mood and use this. Honey also has a lot of health-related benefits that's why we always have a jar on our dining table. Heard this is their best-seller, Longan Honey you better be good to me, haha:)

My natural kick is up & about and I do hope they all would meet my expectations:) 
Kudos to MEKHALA  for producing these all natural, cruelty-free products.
Mother Nature is smiling from ear to ear !

Oh well, you  know me.. as I love red stuff I'd be prepping up my table for a recipe that popped into my head now. The gorgeous grains are already calling my name here:)


If you want to get dibs on their products, MEKHALA's full range of products  is now available at the following:

Quick Pick up locations are:
1) Parkway Parade
2) City Square Mall
3) Great World City
4) Marina Bay Link Mall

All images are the property of wickeRmoss. Use of these images without any consent is prohibited. The products were provided  to the author & is not affiliated with the company. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are her own and remain 100% uninfluenced.







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