MOVIE TALK: The Scare List. Oh, Is That Horror Movies You Mean?

Every year the list of my TOP Horror Films of All Time gets rebooted.
Well, only a fraction of it.

This year I think I have one who made it and tho on the bottom  list, 
you'd somehow know why it did at the end of this post.

I am not doing any reviews on these films.
What I may find scary, disturbing, creepy may not be to some
so guess there's no ruddy point in explaining on why or how..

In that case,

I may mention on simply why they made it on my list.
There are certain factors on how people consider a film scary;that
Even experts cannot define this for you.
So here I have bracketed them into one that has actually 2 sub-cats.

The Story
Scare or Shit?

that equates to disturbing - would it even affect my behavior? my thoughts? my actions?
something that draws me in; would it give me sleepless nights and turn my lights on for a couple of nights?..goodluck to my PUB haha.

What do I mean by that?
Those that gives out the fake scare;
the film scares you with sounds, sudden thumps...
that is basically being scared with the sound, not the movie.
Plain rubbish.

I know that horror films are hard to deal with, let alone make one.
Give every production the credits they deserve shall we..and
Let's spread the love for the genre alrightie?

When I watch a horror flick, I always want to know who am I dealing with?
Supernatural Beings
in simple terms, those entities of the 'other world'.

Movies with a lot of gore does not really bother me.
Psychopatic people do!
Thing is, I find films with these kind of people more haunting

Silence of the Lambs
more of a thriller and not technically a horror movie
serial killing...oooh  Doctor Lecter, bring it it on!
Just the voice of Anthony Hopkins gives me the creeps ;
shivers running down my spine.

Totally love his stern looks...
look at ze eyes baybeh!
You can tell that he is "sauteing" you in his cannibalistic mind.
Would you be: "well-done, medium or rare?"

Lecter is sexy, charming and intelligent but the type of doctor I'd
gladly have a private consultation with myself, haha.
Sexy & Scary...hell yeah.

It's tough reaching out to an audience with a film that 
focuses more on the 'intertwined" relationship of Lecter & Clarice,
but this film just ....aced it.
Tenacious content with a superb acting from the cast.


Can I squeeze this in?
The Shining
Stephen King + Jack Nicholson
yin and yang of the horror genre.
nuff said.
you are gonna go "crazy"
with this film,
needs not much of an explanation.
Must. Watch.

Okay can i stop here?

That's cause there isn't actually a TOP Horror Films yadah yadah list.
The SOTL is my all time fav horror/thriller flick.
Nothing has even come close to it so far.

But I think these films are worth a share still!
Now you'll find out that I love horror flicks that comes with a 

Yes, eating, feeding, those 'things'.

Wrong Turn
By far my fav flick that eats..
Hello Cannibalismo!
This film has that inbred monsters that can eat you up alive.
You know those flicks that only 1 character survives in the end?
This is not that film.
Watch so you'd know what I mean.

A movie that jolts out scare and adventure in one,
with all those sadistic grinds, this is not your typical
no-one-gets-out of our territory horror film.

It's a norm for most horror films to display gore
I know but this one...
just has that different attack to it.
Violence is 9/10
but although it has a terrible cast, this is still a worth watch for those who likes the
who is in for a hide & seek; else be found and get eaten with the cannibal troupe.

The Hills Have Eyes
Makes me think twice to follow those shortcut road signs.
What is more absurdly sick with this film?
The "eaters" act like human beings!
They know how to actually execute the word "rape".
They are artfully sniffing you out as their next meal.

Another violence show stopper and
gore is an understatement.

I do not mind violent films as long as it runs up the gear of
the twists that the character would have to deal with..
there goes the unnerving and sharpens up the
scare and tension surrounding the film.

The Descent
99% says this is scary as hell
and it's one my "atmosphere" horror movie fave!

spot on plot:
6 women who went inside a cave....
then suddenly gets attacked by "monsters"

What makes it great?
Slash off my last phrase there and it is still scary.

i can stand those 

but boy this is with a kick.
it's the darkness that scares me outta my wits.

Sure,'s dark...but
the darkness that enveloped this film?
It feels as if you were also with the characters,
you were also one of the explorers,
looking for the great escape,
fighting for your own dear life.
Not incomparable to Blairwitch, not even 0.01% close.
Great piece for mature horror fans; 
if you like 
chick flicks watch this.
Expect pool of blood though and not a pool of whining chicks.
if you are claustrophic?
skip this!

Pet Sematary
"Sometimes Dead Is Better"
Stephen King's book was worth a read but the film?
It managed to combined grief and empathy while sprinkling a dash of scare.
My fave character?
and no it was not the game am talking about.

This film made me think about death.
The world beyond it and the consequence you would extremely do 
for your loved ones
just to make them alive.
Over all a movie with a crisp story that was put together well.
Gage Creed is too horribly cute to pass up !

Now on to the lighter side,

The Craft
loved the costumes,
gothic and all
and this is such a fun movie to watch
with in your face moral lesson:
The Golden Rule 
and that good always prevail over evil.

Still contemplating but heck....

i hate and love films which has disturbing opening scenes
(the hanging family scene)
with an unseen thing that cuts off a tree...
and this one fits the bill.
I was like...
"Holy shit, is that what I am up for?"

Great intro.
the Super8 spools that were used simply added to the
surreal horrified moments of the entire movie.
Tension stood rooted to the ground for this film Sinister.
No cheap jump scares, scored points!
Hawke is still hot, whew!

The Usual Suspects:
Exorcist, Poltergeist, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th
The Amityville Horror....

These are films which are Hall of Famers IMO.

I mean, come on..
who can beat Jason or even Michael Myers when it comes
to killing with masks on?
The Slasher Masters eh?

What's on your scare list?


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