HAUL: Proud to be a Filipino Part II & June Random Empties.

Here are random items for the month of June, emptied even before this month ends. Some gave an adulterated delight, and some are stylistic carbon copies of other products available on your local drugstore shelves.

1| AHAVA Purifying Gel 

Given to me as a sample from a Singapore online shop I'd rather not mention for now 'coz after all the hype and praises by the press and its so called consumers,  their overall company policy and service is a total FLOP.  

What it claims?
  • Gentle, mineral-rich soapless gel works deeply to prevent the secretion of excess sebum and removes blemish-causing bacteria.
  • Oil Free
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic.

Such a great cleanser but feels that my skin was too dry after each use. I had a lot of fun slapping my face with this gel, feels really gewd! I used this together with the Lush Cupcake Mask and noticed that I was really pimple free for a couple of weeks.

Re-purchase? Yes.

2| OLIVELLA Shampoo & Conditioner 

What it claims?

Shampoo Description
Innovative formula made with Natural ingredients and Olive Extract for normal, dry, or color treated hair. The OLIVELLA Shampoo leaves hair shiny, restored, and soft to the touch. Cleanses hair while adding benefits of antioxidants (Vitamin A, E and Polyphenols) to give hair strength, vitality, and luster.

Conditioner Description
Formulated with Natural Virgin Olive Oil. The Olive hydrating cream conditioner revives and restores dry damaged hair. An ultra-rich daily moisturizing conditioner that detangles and hydrates normal, dry, or chemically treated hair.

These babies were included in my January Vanity Trove. Olivella is a known Italian brand but I think it's not yet making a loud bang in Singapore. I used them both and I wanted to bin the conditioner right then and there. The shampoo was good, though it doesn't lather up that much I feel like it has done a decent cleaning of my hair. Unlike the conditioner, it seemed like it has 'clumps' or something? I can see that the texture is off, meaning when applied to my hair it seemed to fall off and not unlike other conditioners that melts into your hair ends when applied. 

Re-purchase? No.

3| BIORE Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Next please. *evil laugh. Fine, you may read my in-depth review here

4| LACTACYD Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash

I was an avid user of Lactacyd then I shifted to Summer's Eve. SE is a bit more expensive but it does the job. But when I saw this in Watsons (Singapore), I gave this new variant a try.

Now am on to my second bottle. Do the math, do the V-zone care! If there is one product to define the word fresh in another aspect, this gotta be it. This is different from the other types or previous Lactacyd Feminine Wash I have tried...entirely different! Criminally good! Try it to know what I'm talking about here haha.

Re-purchase? Yes!

5| PONDS Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

Another gem in a haystack.

What it claims?
  • Contains Activated Carbon
  • Easily absorbs and lifts away impurities
  • Helps to cleanse your face thoroughly
  • Reveals your natural pure white looking skin

How can one ignore this black tube on the shelves of Robinsons Beauty Hall? There, I even brought this with me here in SG. I love the grayish black texture and I used it for quite some time to remove my makeup. Lightly scented yet tough when removing my makeup. When I use this, I wash my face not once but 2x. No taut feeling on the skin eventhough I wash even up to 3x, just pure cleansing. Glad to know that they did not make it like a sort of an exfoliator, with those beads that always seemed to scratch & hurt my face. To me, an exfoliator and a cleanser shouldn't be combined in one product okay.

Re-purchase? Yes. 

Amidst these foreign products..Israel, Italy, Philippines still wins for Ponds, way to go Pinoy Pride.

Have you seen the first part of my Proud to be Filipino Series? You may click here in case you missed it .


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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