REVIEW: Beauty without Cruelty! A LUSH Haul & Review.

Oh Lush. How shalt I start with you? My liking for this brand is like a crunch-and-thud video game...kick-ass action style this time around.

I decided to try this brand out ...'twas eons ago since I used a bar of soap from them. I got hold of the following:

Face Masks (Ayesha | Cupcake)
Porridge Soap
Friends with Benefits Massage Bar

I would then have to review only the first 3 on the list as the FWB is goin' to be included in a giveaway .  Shall I start with their 2 infamous masks?

They're food for the skin, freshly made (weekly, I was told), and are preservative free so chillin' them is a MUST. Albeit the hefty price of s$24/75g, I still went ahead and purchased not one but two, wrong move.

The application of their masks connotes the basics: Apply on clean skin, avoiding the eye area; leave for approx 10 minutes and wash off with water.


SA asked me what do I want in a mask while I was in their store. I need an exfoliator. So this went into the bag. Asparagus? Goodness I tried my best to ignore its veggie smell. I love to eat asparagus but them mashed into a mask, err...I dun think it's up to my alley.

Ayesha contains fuller's earth (a kind of clay), honey, and its main ingredient is fresh asparagus. Now am craving for my asparagus wrapped bacon haha! I have emptied the pot and I did not feel my skin was exfoliated at all. Even tightening of pores? zilch. I was hoping it can at least make my skin glow or what...but yeah nothing much of a difference.

Next up!


Melted brownie not on my tummy but on my face hahaha! Jodamnn, the smell got me. Watch my vidclip and count how many times I have smelled it from the pot can? 

Cupcake is meant to deal with lessening your breakouts and fight oiliness. I felt that this mask has the tightening effect compared to Ayesha and it gave me the oh-so-cleaned skin after all. As my skin is really not prone to breakouts, I cannot attest that this does the job. With my T-zone, I noticed that it zapped my excessive oil for a couple of days. I can almost chew my own face when I apply this, haha yeah it's that yummy smelling..even E likes it.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, use this sparingly. You wouldn't want to strip off your skin too much I suppose. I just noticed that it can dry up mine especially when I leave it on my face for another 5 minutes or so. So there, stick to the directions. They're there for a purpose!

As some are mostly put off by the strong exaggerated smell of LUSH, this is the only soap that triggered my brain. Seriously while I was sniffin' their soap bars I feel like I wanted to faint already..they all smelled the same to me after awhile. But this dude somehow appealed to me & E. Smelled like honey, oats and caramel in one. Choco porridge maybe?...with lots and lots of milk!


Creamy, moisturizing (i can skip lotion whenever I use this and my skin is uber silky soft & smooth) and it lathers well. Downfall? The oats stick to your skin like crazy! Make sure you wash really well, else you'll find some stow away oats clinging on your butt, not kidding here! I sigh when I see an army of oats scattered on my bathroom floor everytime I shower...what a waste! Heller, s$14 for a bar of soap is no joke!

If you happen to have empty masks pots, do not throw them away...yet. It's 100% recyclable... but up to now, LUSH sadly do not have the program yet wherein you can exchange 5 empty pots for 1 I think? Keep them first, pretty sure they won't give much trouble even emptied right?

For now, I don't have any plans of tryin' out more of their products. Limbo Lush it is. For the future lucky winner of the Friends with Benefits Massage Bar, i do hope you'll come to enjoy it and looking forward to your feedback/review. 

Any LUSH products you have tried ...or perhaps would love to recommend?







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