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Erik Santosaptly dubbed as the Prince of Pop held his first solo concert for 2011 at the Music Museum entitled powER IKons. The concert title "powER Ikons" is itself a play on the singer’s name and a tribute to music icons.

Being the 1st Star in a Million champion, a multi-awarded recording and concert artist, it wasn't a surprise that he is undoubtedly the most sought after stars of his generation.

For someone to stay in the entertainment business this long, one must have the real talent and the right attitude. I was able to interview and chat with him after his show, and was impressed that his professionalism was impeccable. Why? He was suffering from a bad throat after the show and he still accommodated the media without showing any attitude. You can sense his sincerity, happiness and appreciation that he gets from the people who continue to support him. One down to earth kalog guy who gives importance on his work and the people around him. With that, you can already sense why he is still up on his game up to this time in the showbiz odyssey.

Erik's choice of songs that night touched every audience hearts and looks like this champion will keep Filipinos around the globe entertained for quite a while. Erik Santos undoubtedly possess one of the music industry's finest voices, his versatility emerged that night as he enthralled his audience.

What makes an icon? Icon is synonymous to another four-lettered word and people answered - LOVE.

 "An icon has the power to inspire, to change, to share, to love. ~Erik Santos

I really loved his rendition of John Legend's Ordinary People. He sang it with real love and I 
can say that his sense of soul musically is well-developed. 

He actually sounded like Seal to me, kudos for that soothing voice.

The powER IKons concept was surprisingly Erik's own concoction. His aim to share his blessings was dedicated to the Bosom Buddies Cancer Foundation. For two consecutive nights, the show was fleshed out by writer Senedy Que, choreographed by the awesome Georcelle Dapat, infused by the musical hands of Homer Flores and directed by GB Sampedro. Both shows, not a single ticket was was a certified SOS aka Sold Out Show.

The classic balladeer showed that he can belt it out both on singing and performing. Sticking to the show's concept of paying tribute to the renowned Music ICONS, he must prove to be up par and that he can transcend to the professional musical artistry level.

Erik shares the stage with Star Power grand champion Angeline Quinto, Miss Saigon-Germany lead theatre actress Stephanie Reese, the G-Force Dancers and Ms. Pops Fernandez. Show initiated with upbeat songs from contemporary artists like Miley Cyrus hit The Climb, Halo by Beyonce, and showed some dance moves with Backstreet Boys' Larger than Life. As a concert lover myself, this was a typical show opener. What made it different was Erik's approach in dancing, quite a new act for some. He doesn’t dance that much and yes he can do good swaggin'!

Erik gave life to classic ballads as he gave tribute to the brilliant icons of the music industry. Music legends were given honour by Erik through his song medleys that include Barry Manilow, Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Madonna plus OPM greats from Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Basil Valdez, Nora Aunor and Sharon Cuneta. Even Usher and Rihanna made it to the cut. He promised a unique concert experience and he certainly did.

Putting more excitement to the show was Gary V. who graced Erik's invitation to join him on stage. Gary was the epitome of simplicity that night, but the clamour of people for him to sing with Erik was just too irresistible. They both delivered the songs well, thought they claim it was unrehearsed, they merely said it felt that like they're just prepping for an ASAP episode. The kicks of having to work with each other for almost every week pays off well for them.

Unknown to many, Erik Santos is a great impersonator. Gary V. said that Erik likes to imitate almost everyone in ASAP and here he tried to impersonate Gary V. that made the audience roll in laughter. He's surprisingly good!

Gary V. and Erik Santos were OPM rollin'. Erik said he really looks up to Gary as one of his favorite musical icon. Gary V. served not only his idol but as an inspiration for his spiritual endeavor.

A concert is nothing without guests of course. Stephanie Reese had played the role of Kim in the German production of Miss Saigon and she belted out a Barbra Streisand Song as Erik's powerful vocals swayed with a Josh Groban song.

Reese' theatrical background was vividly manifested in her performance and vocal range. I'm always amazed by a theatre performer's diction, they're always smooth and crisp- just plain impressive.

Angeline Quinto came up next. She donned a long, beautiful royal blue gown that made her look like a living doll. Being the winner of the recently concluded Star Power talent search, everyone is still skeptic of her actual voice talent.  Angeline sang Lani Misalucha‘s classic hit “Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin”.

No doubt that her ear splitting vocals turned the wheel for her. They gave a tribute to the Superstar Nora Aunor that made the audience smile more because of Erik's antics. They had a duet and sang popularized hits by the only Superstar, Ms. Nora Aunor. I have to admit am a hardcore Regine V. aficionado and I have watched almost all of her major concerts. I was really intrigued on how people actually says that Angeline is said to be a look-alike of Regine as well as her voice range. There were some points though that her singing was a bit sharp or pitchy. Also, am not quite sure but there were times that she was made to look like Rachelle Ann Go instead.(see photo below ) Pitch-wise and over-all package, Sarah G is still my bet IMHO. Pretty sure Angeline would also reach that peak.

Last to put sparkle for the night was the concert queen Pops Fernandez. She donned a mishmash of Lady Gaga's Born This Way and Express Yourself with a sizzling hot production number.

Also a music icon in her own right, Pops and Erik had a duet with the Luther Vandross/Janet Jackson song; The Best Things in Life are Free. Erik looked really cute dancin'. Perhaps he might have really practiced on it and well, it worked.

Pops beautiful body was emphasized more because of her outfit. Janet Jackson PEG!


Everyone felt the power with Erik's supreme talent. He possesses unique dancing skills as well and I consider them not too pushy for his image. Night wouldn't pass without his OPM touch by singing hits from Zsa Zsa Padilla, Kuh Ledesma and Regine Velasquez. Highlights of the show include the Michael Jackson medley and Basil Valdez. Can you just imagine the transition? Not to mention that the musical arrangement is polished to the core, with Erik meeting its technical standards. The production numbers were interpersed with AVPs of musical icons being given tribute to. When Erik sang Freddie Aguilar's Anak, there was an interpretative dance that added more feel to the song. To me it was hands down his Basil Valdez medley that capped off the night. His rendition was just beautiful and captivating.

What a better way to end his show but to hear his signature song, This is the Moment. True enough, this is the moment that Erik Santos has transformed himself into an icon. Goodluck on your journey! 

Erik Santos ' name equates to great music. As his songs are always heartfelt, Erik's every performance was guaranteed breathtaking. After watching this, Erik Santos has indeed transformed himself from being the Prince of Pop to a powER Ikon.

With the best musicians and the loyalty of his fervent fans and supporters, Erik Santos has come a long way and will definitely stay longer, as long as he stays his foot firmly on the ground.

You can now buy his newest album, Awit Para Sa'yo (under Star Records) on your favourite record bars. Keep him on top of the charts once again by supporting his latest single, Kulang ako kung wala ka

It's a "must-have" album with songs written by the best OPM songwriters so grab your copies now.

I asked him for his upcoming projects and Erik said he will be the next Prince Eric for  the upcoming Broadway Musical Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” Erik is the next Eric, how ironic eh?

"I feel so blessed, thank you so much for coming and supporting me as always", Erik said. He was makulit at the backstage, though he already had difficulty speaking due to a bad throat, he was answering our questions gleefully like a kid. Actually there wasn't much of an interview that went on, we made kuentuhan instead. Cool guy isn't it? 

Meet the MEN (fr L-R): JEMAN V | ADRIAN  | ERIK SANTOS (photo credit to JV)











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