EVENTS: Bobbi Brown Bye Bye Dark Circles. The Bloggers Exclusive Session

Second quarter of 2011 and I had a collaboration with Bobbi Brown Phils. I then organized a Bloggers Exclusive Session for their Bye Bye Dark Circles Event. It was held at the Rustan's Makati Atrium. Kai Vinson, Trainer & MUA of Bobbi Brown New York flew in to Manila for the launch of their New Creamy Concealer & Corrector.

Kai Vinson, Trainer & Make Up Artist for Bobbi Brown New York

I think it would be best if I'd share what the bloggers have taken home from the event itself. Besides isn't that what matters? Fun and bonding were already infused within that day so I'd move on to what according to some of them are worth keeping.

Sugar says:
  • I was given the opportunity to attend my first blogger event! YAAAYYYY!!!!
  • Kai talked about Bobbi Brown. He said she was very hands on with their products and that she wouldn't release anything if it did not meet her standards. He also said Bobbi wanted normal girls to be able to apply makeup the way professional makeup artists do, that's why they have products that are fool proof and are very easy to work with!
  • Truth be told I have no Bobbi Brown makeup in my dresser. I have been honest with you, and regular readers might know that I have always been a sucker for pretty packaging and Bobbi Brown's packaging looks professional and sleek. Being the way I am, I have never really checked out their items before. Now, I realize that I need to pay their counter a visit soon! There's no turning back now - I really like their blush, pot rouge and concealer. 

Angeli of The Curious Zealot

Angeli says:
  • Before applying the corrector and camouflaging the under eye circles, Noel applied eye cream under my eyes with a cotton swab to provide moisture and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

  • Then, they will determine which is your foundations shade by swatching along your jawline. Concealer shade should be the same color as your foundation.

  • Based on your concealer shade, the MUA will determine which shade of corrector to use. The corrector plays an important role in hiding those pesky dark circles. He then applies it using a concealer brush. I asked Noel if there is a rule as to which point below the eyes should we apply concealer and he told me up until where the dark circles are.

Major Transformation! 

 eenah of Beauty Lil Secrets

 eenah says:

  • When everyone was done, the ladies had a chance to talk with Kai about beauty concerns and stuff. He also tackled about a lil bit about Bobbi Brown's background and improvements that have taken place and new things to come from BB. On beauty tips, one of the things he said that I really  liked was that no amount of concealer can make your dark undereyes and eyebags disappear without you really taking care of your self. Enough quality sleep and a good 6-8 glasses of water is a must to keep our peepers healthy-looking :)

Beauty Tips from Kai Vinson

  • If you are attending an important event lessen the intake of salty and sweet food. Also drink lots of water. Your skin will look better and you will become more radiant.
  • The best way to apply concealer in our country is with a brush because the weather is so humid.
  • Dark under eyes? Apply cucumber on the area before you take a shower.
  • Wear a bright lipstick when you're in a hurry so that no one will notice the rest of your face is bare.

Event Snippets:
The Bobbi Brown Phils. Team


Q&A with Kai Vinson

Bobbi Brown Classic Day/Evening Palette: Gifts from Bobbi Brown

***photo credit goes to their corresponding owner | post-editing by yours truly.


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