EVENTS: The New Penshoppe Got My Heart Pumped Up.

I've always called the mall SM North, plain ol' North Edsa but when I got to witness the Penshoppe store re-launch, it gave them an outlook that makes them different from the rest. Penshoppe's first ever boutique in the Philippines unveiled at yes, the exact same mall they opened 25 years back. The Ed Westwick fever is very much still alive (especially with his recently shown CNN feature) and now they gave us another blast by holding an exclusive store opening salvo at the SM North Edsa.

Most people think that Penshoppe was stereotyped to offer typical items such as jeans and basic tees. It was delightful to see that Penshoppe is indeed stepping up its game. Ed Westwick is undeniably hot and the Penshoppe merchandise is even hotter! The store also featured a new highlighted collection especially for women.

This is a brilliant move if I may say for Penshoppe. Choosing to re-launch their first-ever boutique in the very first shopping mall they had will definitely give them the edge. Items are much more fashion-forward, chic and the well-known Penshoppe style is still present, only much better this time. One thing's for sure, customers will make a definite comeback.

One would love the new "feel" of this Penshoppe boutique. You can already see with how they designed the whole store. It gave the impression that indeed this local brand is something to watch out for.

Penshoppe is also known for organizing events which have a classic twist. From arrival, you will be greeted by the very accommodating Ms. Jad Deveza, Manager of PR Asia(Regional Publicity). What a way to gear start the day when she flashed that welcoming smile. Though the event started as early as 10am, it made the guests much more energized to raid the store and check out their fabulous items. 

The exclusive event held gathered some fashion bloggers in the metro to check out Penshoppe's newest collection. Shopping is always fun when you have friends around right? It isn't difficult to find out where to start looking for items to shop for. This "walled shoes" is their main attraction, IMO. Dainty footwear collection!

Oh did I mention their women's collection is much more fashion forward? I saw this 'astig' military jacket and Pax came to mind. She's one friend of mine that would really fit in this, as I told her.."It's so you sis". Unfortunately she haven't arrived yet, so I crossed my fingers that it won't be hopping into someone else's shopping bag yet.

True enough that when I came over to the counter Pax was already paying up... and the baby has found its new motha, See? We both got the grey knitted shrug cardigan in the middle as well.  

image credit
wickeRmoss picks:
nautical...with that yellow thingie. almost got me but must resist.

Time to check out the accessories section.

wickeRmoss pick:

There was a sudden power trip. Should I care? N-O. The show must go on. Just when I was about to press my shutter, the lights went off while I was taking a shot of this-

While the others are busy munching on foods outside, I think the shots were made even better by the black out. Trigger-happy mode!

This is also one of those times that I frikkin wanted to be a man! The men's collection almost put me into a spell. Prices are a bit steep though but they are such quality made pieces. It simply echoes their recent endorser Ed Westwick 's fashion sense, For the Men Le chic!

Headless mannequins appeal more to me.

wickeRmoss picks:

Good events come with good food as always. Treats from BonChon & Yellow Cab.

Usually when I attend any store opening or re-launch per se, the fitting room is the very first thing I check. Having a retail management background, it's a bit complicated to explain here why so I'll just show you what Penshoppe got.

One word. Niiiiceeeee. Nuff said. The mini red couches = plus points! 

Spotted while we were queuing up at the fitting room. They're too cute. Both were very down to earth as well. David mentioned to me that they're cooking up Bloggers Congress ii. Exciting! 
David Guison along with Lissa Kahayon

As when you think that raffle draws were enough to spice up the event, like Inna Santiago won a 3k worth of The SPA GCs. She's that sweet pretty lil thing wearing white long-sleeves in this photo...right smack in the middle. [Original Image Credit goes to her; edits by yours truly] 

There was a program called Penshoppe Blogger Styling Challenge wherein fashion bloggers, grouped in 3's, were asked to dress up a mannequin using the clothes and accessories in the store. Using their selected items, they must cook up their chosen look that challenges their flare for fashion or anything that reflects the Penshoppe's vision.

I did not get anything special for myself except for the grey knit cardi mentioned above ..

and this new girlyyy!
Here's one SWAG: Penshoppe's graphic witty printed shirts were irresistible so I got one for who else but my man. He said he loved the very comfy quality of the shirt .. I say, I loved the design more! Thanks to my shopping mate Hannah of Flair Candy for showing this to me. Visit the newest Penshoppe boutique and you will surely score awesome finds from there!

We had some sweet bonding after....just cause we had some sweet doughnuts (me and Pax chowed on some BonChon wings on the side) at cello's. We spent more time with our dearest Honey who was about to leave soon. You'll be back soon babe right? We miss you 24/7 love!

Big thanks to Penshoppe for this awesome event. Am pretty sure you will have more exciting suprises in store for your valued customers. Congratulations on this new venture!


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