FASHION TALK: Picture Parfois. part iii.

How does a woman define accessories? To me , it's something that makes a woman's knees weak. It really becomes a part of me that whenever I go out of the house without 'em, I just feel plain naked. 

Well chosen accessories can transform the look of a girl. Spicy pin in hair, statement necklace, fashionable hats, savvy sunglasses -and voila..the transformation of an entirely new image.

Price-quality ratio in the store gives your money justice. Add to this the authentic design and exclusivity of their styles. You can find options in pastel colors with vintage mood and classic forms, and also bright handbags, trendy belts, scarves, hats, sunglasses and jewellery even for every day use.

In Parfois, every woman can find something for the soul, because the  wardrobe of any  fashion-monger is not complete without these accessories. The range and choice, showcased in their store, will surprise you with novelty and modernity. Go on and feast your eyes then. 

Notice how they do not use the word sale...they use the term 'special price' instead.
Discounted rings for as low as Php135.

i love the way they had their display segregated by color coding. it's definitely a breeze for shoppers. gold for gold, silver:silver, pastel shades, etc..

walled watch zone. they're unisex! watches ranges from Php1200 and up 

3 interchangeable pairs for only Php379. 

discounted at Php468. [U.P Php780]

Adorable peepers!

Their shades usually come for as low as Php1000+. 
Limited collections available too.
if the shoe shade fits.
These sunnies would perfectly match the caramelized shoes on my part deux post!
trendy kikay belts
cute mirror [Php379] Me and Kari  love this!

wickermoss top 10 picks: it's a toughie selecting only 10, there is a huge number of beautiful finds in this store.



carnation pink strawberry ring for a change.

mother of pearls

these are actually 2 separate pieces..i figured it will make a good pair. 
'you're under arrest?'


Here's another: 

A bracelet and a necklace, each sold separately as well.
they labeled it with: Matching Items Available. clever.


I find this piece stunning. I have seen designs like this before but this is just different. The necklace is more defined and the quality is definitely not ordinary.
I always fancy doing this to my hair whenever I wear fitted jackets...and others find it somehow cool.  Few says I look more like a Korean... others say Vietnamese. Huh do I?

priced at <Php1,000...not bad!

As I've mentioned, I love their visual merchandising, see? You can buy the whole set already and fly!

I tried wearing the shades and tadaH!
Ugh. Strutting this is not a facile..especially with my sports jacket on, lol! Sorry guys, I really did not have much time changing after the fitness event. Peace!

Hopping into the feather craze:

wickeRmoss loves hats as usual:
fedoras adds up a laid-book feel to your style.

Why is this my top 1? 
Newsboy baby! 
It's vintage in a snap.
and this orange shoulder bag is just simply pretty.  One's essentials can fit here, wallet, mobile phone and makeup kit.  Not too bulky, neither too slim. 
brollys for only Php680. similar price range with Esprit. 

So take advantage of their July 2011 whole month sale! 
Discount is up to 70%..not 50 but frikin' 70!

In case you missed it, click here  and here  for the complete wickeRmoss' Parfois experience.


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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