FASHION TALK: picture parfois. part deux.

pomelo platforms that is love at first sight. unbelievably comfyy!

As promised, here's the 2nd installment of my Parfois experience. I have also learned that they are managed by Vogue Concepts, the same owner of Promod. The store is filled to the brim with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bags, scarves, eye wear, and of course, shoes! Heads up for an awesome news at the end of this post. Feast your eyes on these babies a'rite? 

Let's start off with bags, purses and shoes shall we?

that fuschia bag is an eye-catcher
I adored how the store's visual merchandising is well executed. Bags, clutches, and wallets in different styles and colors are herded into their own special section. Don't you just love it when a store makes shopping much more easier for you? Their bags designs are a breakthrough from the norm, not really easy to spot elsewhere.
be bold and go for gold

classic shades of black, white, rose and brown.
makes you want them all huh.. the bags speaks of exquisite elegance.
floral and fabrics.
wallets, purses, clutches, kisslock purses.
mi adoro butterfly.
platform shoes in absolutely beautiful colors.

just the perfect shade of red that I have always loved.

i call this the Katy Perry pair. so fireworks inspired.

wickeRmoss picks [kindly bear with my outfit, as I have previously mentioned that I came from a fitness event, hence the workout attire.]
sooo Hermes-inspired. 
see the intricate detail? Php2280.

Are you the type who likes everything matchy-matchy ? 
floral satchel
floral wallet 
i spotted this faux hot pink ostrich bag [Php1480] by the window pane...
 I think it would be much better [IMO] if they display it beside the turquoise platforms, perfect combo.
transparent bags are always fun to carry.. look at this darling. [Php2080]
so nautical, love!
these ones are the clincher.

seems like a mysterious butterfly design
pomelo platforms that is love at first sight. unbelievably comfyy!

who said color blocking is a passé? i think not.
i felt so itchy when i saw this furry lil thung. itchy to take out my wallet and buy it, RAR!

green rose. am jaded!
this peep toe heels is another killer. i liked the dark caramel color...its shade is a hybrid between amber and dark brown [IMO] .

the Katy Perry flats.

They also have scarves for your discerning taste. Perfect for those feather fanatics out there.

reminds me of pocahontas

For the awesomesauce news!
Kindly visit for more info
This is the bestest time to splurge on Parfois. It's a month long sale, so bettah save up for some folks!

Next up, accessories!!!


An international reader wants to know its branches in the Philippines. Even mentioned that my post persuades her to fly to Manila! Oh my!

So here you go sweetie! Am pretty sure your trip will be worth it!

Glorietta 4 | SM Megamall | SM Southmall |  Abreeza, Davao | Soon to Open:

SM Davao







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