REVIEW: End your acne woes with the New Proactiv: Faster and Gentler!

Perhaps I wilI never forget that particular day when I opened my SMS message inbox and here’s what I read: “BFF, call me – EMERGENCY!” So I immediately dialled my friend’s number and asked what the emergency thing all about was. I felt like driving over to her place to knock her head off only to find out that she needs an immediate solution to her problem – ACNE. I thought it’s a matter of life and death situation! But well in her case, it is. She said she has a date with this new hunk in their office in  a week’s time and that the breakout would of course, be a major downside. I told her to put her worries aside and I may have the solution to the usual dilemma that most women have. I consider myself lucky that I am not that prone to acne. I may have breakouts when it’s that time of the month or most often times when I get to try new products of course. I mean that’s the risk I have to take. But come to think of it, should I hinder myself from trying new products in the market just cause am afraid to have acne? Unfair isn’t it? So I shared this little wonder that ended my own dilemma. I accompanied her to where else but the friendly Mister Watsons and get this acne-buster, the New Proactiv. I advised her to get this (60-day trial kit) as this was acclaimed to work fast, reliable and is safe on the skin.  
60-day trial kit.
Proactiv at SM Fairview

The term faster is as always being questioned when it comes to products like this. But with the New Proactiv containing micro crystal benzoyl peroxide, it aids in faster healing of anyone’s acne. It’s absorbed quickly (yes, even to those clogged pores) to kill the acne causing bacteria. No worries with the benzoyl peroxide as the best part of using this is that it easily penetrates to the skin so the ingredient goes directly to the target and it does not stay on the surface of your skin. Furthermore, fear of having any neither redness nor dryness wouldn’t be a problem. In addition, the risk of allergic reaction is also much reduced. For those women having sensitive skin, you may not have to worry much with this product. One may also opt to get the 30-day trial kit.

Out of the blue, my friend asked me, “Who’s the local endorser of this product?” I answered, “Oh, just your favourite Katy Perry.” Her eyes popped up with gleam. Katy Perry is the New Face of Proactiv. She joined its former endorsers Mandy Moore, Avril Lavigne and the pop heart throb, Justin Bieber. Now, that you really can call trusted and reliable. 

Katy Perry as a female also experience acne woes. But said that after trying several facial treatments and different kinds of procedures, she says that the New Proactiv indeed works.  Not only it healed her acne in a very short period of time, it also gained her back the confidence she lost when she had major breakouts. She said even the scarring were wiped away, and this product is her new miracle worker. Well she is definitely in high spirits and it shows on her face and her over-all confidence.

I think their date will be capped off with a perfect movie treat as Proactiv is having the  "Buy Proactiv and Get to Watch The Smurfs (featuring Katy Perry) for Free promo" . It runs from July 20-August 10, 2011 in the following stores:
SM Department Store Megamall
SM Department Store Makati 
SM Department Store North Edsa 
Watsons Megamall (Second Floor) 
Watsons Mall of Asia (Ground Floor near Starbucks)

In getting the FREE Movie Card, customers just need to purchase any Proactiv Kit in the mentioned stores and approached the official Proactiv Promodiser assigned in the participating outlets to redeem their free item. But everyone should hurry because this promo is only valid for the first 18 buyers of Proactiv.

Have you faced any acne dilemma on your life? I guess most women do right? How do you deal with skin problems like this? If you got your own story to tell, share them here!


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♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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