REVIEW: Young Rice Milk Soap & Lotion by MEKHALA.

c'mon, tell me you noticed my skin first & not the cute dog?! haha!~

If I have to make a cleanser that fits had to be infused with MILK. Our facial skin is too delicate to mess around with, so I don't want unnatural chemicals, vague sounding or even harmful ingredients in my daily skin care routine. Milk has cooling and anti-inflammatory effect on skin and so it is widely used for skin care. Milk contains lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxyl acid that take apart dead skin cells from the skin epidermis, leaving a new, fresh, soft layer on the outside.

The ingredients used by MEKHALA are truly natural, nourishing and is certified organic; they are taken from fresh products which have specific cleansing qualities, meaning they use only the real thing.  In simple terms, it's a company that cares. 

Their soap & lotion with young rice milk were my ultimate choice, well as I have said I love anything MILK! Besides don't you like anything handmade? Gentle ingredients must always rule isn't it? Since they also use natural glycerin, then you're assured that it will draw water to your skin therefore be moisturizing and soothing.

Ever since it was discovered years ago that farmers in Japan who washed rice gathered from paddies had soft, smooth, young-looking hands, the grain has been used as a skin beautifier. Women would splash the water used to rinse rice on their faces, believing it would brighten their skin. To some rice maybe a relatively simple plant, but it has many components that benefit the skin..from the hull to the off, different parts of the plant can exfoliate, soothe, protect and hydrate. Mr. Mighty-Mazing Rice it is!

Lather up the delicious, natural scent of Jasmine rice and wash your way to fairer and softer skin with this gentle, moisturizing soap. Enriched with Vitamins B3 and E to enhance skin’s protective barrier. Also contains rice bran powder that stimulates cell turnover for younger-looking skin.
•  100% natural
•  Gentle enough for use on face
•  Whitens, softens and smoothens skin
•  Stimulates cell turnover
•  Free of parabens, sulphates, added chemicals, artificial preservatives and fragrances that can cause irritation and adverse long-term effects
Scent: Delicious scent of Jasmine rice
Distilled Water, Young Rice Milk Extract, Rice Bran Powder, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Natural Glycerin
Size: 110gm
Price: $8.00

I used the soap mainly on my body since I wanted something to lighten up my ever stubborn tan I acquired from being a part of a Travel Adventure Challenge held in Kota Kinabalu..ah uh KK got one scorching & burnin' heat up on it's nest! Since the soap has a function to lighten ones skin I wanted to test it for almost a month if it really does the job.  

the dreadful tan after a 2-3hr water rafting & island exploring @Sabah,Malaysia

The Young Rice Milk Soap is 100% natural from milk rice with fragrant aromas of sweet (powdered) milk to me, averagely soft and lathers beautifully. Using it as a shower bar, I could feel the gentle exfoliating properties at work brought about by the rice bran. The other great thing was I had none of the tightened dry-skin feeling afterwards. After using them for a month my skin feels softer, and refreshed. I’ve actually noticed less of a need for body lotion as well.

I love rubbing it to the parts of my skin where it's often hidden like the armpits, the nape, elbows, knees and back of the thighs. The soap doesn't fall apart and does not make my soap dish sloggy..thumbs up! I love the sensation that the rice bran gives, it's not painful at all but rather seemed therapeutic to me. There I can feel more the exfoliating thingie going on you see --- if you know what I mean.. 

Boost skin’s radiance with Young Rice Milk Body Lotion that protects with naturally occurring antioxidants, while gently providing nourishment for smooth, supple skin. Young rice extract also reduces scars and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and is ideal for treating sunburns.
Scent: Uplifting Moke flower invigorates the senses
Distilled Water, Coconut Oil, Moringa Oil, Young Rice Milk Extract, Vitamin E, Natural Glycerine, Moke Flower Extract
Size: 250ml
Price: $35.00

The Young Rice Milk Lotion has an opaque color, watery, of course has that milky texture and is easily absorbed into the skin. My skin just seemed to drink it up, no greasy feel at all. Scent is subtle (not too milky in my opinion) and since the sample size comes in a bottle type, I find it inconvenient to pour on to my palms. 

Their full sized ones comes with a pump, so it's much hygienic and the amount of product to use is definitely easier to control. Lotion was moisturizing enough and has a nice refreshing scent. It has the right viscosity and I think is perfect for those with dry skin.

I have used both products for approx of 4 weeks and I have noticed a significant reduction of the dreadful tan. Though my skin haven't resumed to it's original phase, it has at least become much more even toned now. For Singapore's humid weather, this is a great tag team. The lightweight lotion combined with the moisturizing soap just gives me that cooling sensation whenever I'd hit the outdoors. Definitely a bath and after-shower staples now. These organic products are so indulgent, safe for everyday use and is absolutely amazing when it comes to smell and the clean factor.

thumbs up for my lightened skin!

It’s hard not to love a company that does such amazing work, sells only organic and is committed to providing a healthy living. These are products which are affordable and you'd certainly feel good about buying.

If you want to get dibs on their products, MEKHALA's full range of products  is now available at the following:

Quick Pick up locations are:
1) Parkway Parade
2) City Square Mall
3) Great World City
4) Marina Bay Link Mall

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