NO amount of words can describe the feeling I had when I went down & see the actual TITANIC Artifact Exhibit at the Art Science Museum in Marina Bay Sands. Albeit the grandeur and the luxurious vibe of the ship, I have felt it's deep barren sadness. In my mind, I can still hear the ill-fated passengers crying for help, yes, even a 100 years after it's tragic maiden voyage.

They've handed us a boarding pass with the name of an actual Titanic passenger. At the end of the exhibit, we learn the fate of their person. Feels really strange , just merely holding that piece of card. Who would think that your life would depend on it? No ticket, no boarding, no casualty-experience. I found my name on the survivors' list, but E unfortunately 'perished'. How cruel naman :(

When you "become" the passengers on the ship, it really is a sobering reminder that these were real people, with real stories, and this really happened. 

My most favorite part of the exhibit was not the Grand Staircase, not even the iceberg showcase. To me it was the Boiler Room. 

A single lump of coal is a touchstone to the boiler operators who, even though they knew the ship was going down, stayed at their stations and kept shoveling coal, which kept the lights on. You can imagine the terror if the lights would have gone off on top of everything else. Who can say how many lives they saved with people still able to see exits and stairs. Real unsung heroes there. Trapped yet brave enough to face death itself.

I was most impressed with how the hallways were made. Frakkin' real! I thought I was really there!~ Nanginig tuhod ko ha before stepping foot into this! (My knees were literally shaking!)

The iceberg room was utterly dark & of course the highlight of the entire exhibit. I have touched the almost real iceberg replica with my bare hands and twas only after a few minutes that the creepy, haunting coldness seemed to take over my entire body. 

So what more for the actual people then who have been left in the middle of the ocean, barren cold, scared, and pretty sure not most of them have even hoped to even still see sunlight? Would you if you were there? 

I have noticed a statement by the wall.. made by an old lady survivor I presumed. It touched my heart, for real. 

No, it brought a tear to my eye.

Words may not be exactly like these but the message she was trying to convey was :

"I was relieved that somehow they've given us women and children the priority to live, but on the other devastated me. For a second I know they wanted me to live, but on the other hand it came to me.... they're asking me to leave the man that is all my reason to live."

Leaving your significant other in order to live? I don't think I can do that..I'd rather die with my man then if ever I was in that voyage.
You may watch our Titanic vLoG here guys!

I'm not a Titanic buff, even before it became a media blockbuster craze in Manila. After watching the 3D flick, I told E we MUST check out the exhibit. I would not DARE miss it for the world. 

I recalled watching it but I felt so sleepy inside the theatre. 

I cried because the cutie DiCaprio died in the movie.

This time being inside the Museum... I silently cried.

This time for the real reasons.  


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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