ATLAS MEDISPA's Korean Airshot Nano Facial Therapy & Spankin' New Space at Ngee Ann City PLUS Special Offer for my Readers ♡

ATLAS Medispa Korean Airshot Nano Therapy & New Space

Facial beauty salons or spas located inside Ngee Ann City or Takashimaya has always been an intimidating alley for yours truly. A decade ago, I can't help but be dazzled by the bells and whistles evident at the mall's facade - BVLGARI, Bally, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and my wish of experiencing a facial treatment is akin to drawing senseless pictures on a piece of paper. Draw, scribble, crumple, binned. 

In other words, just one look through its posh windows and I found myself fighting the urge to flee, hushing nonstop - "Come on Charles, dream on. There's no way you'll be able to go in there, let alone afford one of those luxurious pampering treatments."

That wish was previously made come true by of course ATLAS MEDISPA when I tried their facial services entailed with cutting edge technology from Korea. Have you read my first Atlas Medispa experience here

On that first visit (and review!), the experience may be totally impressive however it's ATLAS MEDISPA's peerless delivery of basics that won my heart over. Who wouldn't be? One of its owner/founder, Ms. Lorraine Tan is endowed with a flawless and camera-ready complexion that any woman of my age would surely love to have. 

I was again seamlessly penciled-in for an appointment by Atlas. Due to the influx of other personal stuff to attend to I kept on rescheduling my appointment however they were flexible, responsive and for that I honestly thank them for patiently accommodating me.  

what's new 

Soar to this 24th floor facial salon/spa, go ahead and melt into a space of pure rest and relaxation as ATLAS MEDISPA sets the right tone once you step into their new abode. 

They have been relocated from the 13th to the 24th level of the same building (Takashimaya, Tower B) and is now outfitted in the same Victorian vibe stirring more of that modern chic feel to it.  ATLAS MEDISPA is decked out with its usual professional character without overdoing its interior. 

It's a joyance on how they mesh the crisp, white walls,  crystal chandelier, sofas and couches with modern antiquity. Their new space is brimming with paintings and personal knick-knacks i.e customer testimonies and profiles. Meanwhile, those gold-brown walls scream that Victorian period of opulence and decadence. 


Sit on their comfy sofas while waiting or filling-up a form, they will serve you tea (in Victorian cups, of course!) and the only thing you'd wish for right there and then is an actual garden with beautiful blooms to complete your zen. Fret not, the garden might be too much but the place is adorned with fresh flowers enough to brighten up your day.


The treatment room and  facial bed are freshly nestled in sky/baby blue hues, easy on the eyes, soothes even the most bizarre mood. You know that weather-beaten skin is wearisome in Singapore but the therapists here at ATLAS MEDISPA sure do know how to knead its unforgiving stroke. My dry skin feels sorely tight and from my recent skin analysis, it's hydration that I need to shower my skin with. Lots of it. Meaning, serums and moisturizers are not enough, every other day masking is highly recommended.   So which treatment did I try this time? It's the atlas korean airshot nano therapy.

what is it about
The ATLAS KOREAN AIRSHOT NANO THERAPY utilizes oxygen to infuse peptides (which consists of over 28 types of organic botanical peptides into the skin. These peptides are smaller than our pores so it can definitely penetrate deeper into our skin. This facial is great for all skin types in order to achieve an intense hydration, whitening, anti-ageing, reducing fine lines, lifting/firming of the skin and overall skin rejuvenation.

imagine having an air-conditioner in front of your face? this is exactly it. that spray emits a gentle breeze with a blast of cold, travels to your face (or Pores!) and you feel instantly refreshed, tingling at times I'd admit. shiok max i tell you!

It includes a thorough cleansing, followed by a skin smoothing exfoliation, extraction ( if necessary*), topped off with a cooling mask that creates renewed feelings of positivity;  I felt that my skin was rather pacified and was much much softer to the touch. My therapist made everything right with the massage and that facial mask surely helped in melting the tension I've been cradling for weeks. 



experienced enhanced with:

The Attention to Details.
The therapist asks about the applied massage pressure - should it be harder or softer? I'm glad she checks on it and didn't nonchalantly wait for me to pipe up.

Giving Customers the Freedom to Choose.
After examining my skin, I was told that my skin wasn't that congested so I can skip extraction if I wanted to. They asked - never insisted. Just timely as I've attended another event that night, I decided to skip the purging. 


After my treatment, I actually found myself feeling way too Zen to confront my next event appointment but I had no choice. Thanks to that blissful head-and-neck massage, I walked out of Atlas refreshed and beaming. 

While each of the treatments being offered at ATLAS are equally meritable, it's this latest Korean Airshot Nano Therapy you can't miss out on. 

ATLAS MEDISPA serves the town's dandies and dudes with their innovative facial & beauty treatments and a brand new spankin' space with an awesome customer service to boot.

be entitled to a 50% off on your First Trial Treatments.

Hurry up and reserve your appointment with them today to avail the offer! You can call them at 6735.0996 or SMS 9862.9765 to enquire.

Atlas Medispa
#24-10 SINGAPORE 238874
Tel: (+65)6735.0996 | email:
Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10.30AM – 8.30PM
Saturday 10.30AM – 6PM
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Atlas also has a Laser & Aesthetics Clinic located at the same floor (24th!) which offers cosmetic enhancements for a natural look. For more information, kindly visit their website 

Thanks for looking

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ATLAS Medispa Korean Airshot Nano Therapy & New Space


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