My Japanese Hair Treatment Experience from HAIR STUDIO FLAMINGO [Singapore] Plus Special Offer For My Readers ♡

My Japanese Hair Treatment Hair Salon Experience at Flamingo Hair Studio plus Special Offer for my Readers

irritatingly coy,that's what the sg humid weather has been.  RAIN HAS BEEN RANDOM, HAZE ON & OFF. let me tell you, my hair's forecast calls for nothing but dull roots & frizzy ends. great.  

I don't actually keep track of how many times I colour my hair in a year, as far as I know my hair has been bombarded with too much of hair coloring for the past few years. Not that am complaining, but I had to ready myself for the consequences like making sure that I do get regular hair treatment and I mean a proper one.  

This might be sponsored but then again I always like to stress out that I never felt obliged to conduct disclosures/disclaimers. However, as the author of this blog I want to share the real deal - good or bad. I owe my readers, (yes, as in ALL of you!) a huge thanks for taking time to read my posts, I always read and reply to your comments and for the trust. With that, the only thing I could give you is on-point reviews for I don't and will never believe in any form of sugar-coating. 

So in this post, lemme share what happened when I paid a visit to this salon.

I've always loved to try a  Japanese salon so when the Founder/Director, Ryu invited me in, I had to say yes. hair studio flamingo, a Japanese salon aiming towards giving its clients good and easily maintainable hairstyle.

Purpose of Visit: Hair Treatment

Stylist: Ayumi (Salon Manager)


Ryu (Founder/Owner) was attending to one customer when I arrived but he was never the intimidating type, I was even more impressed that he endorsed me to Ayumi, such a professional act of being the owner of an establishment.  I have also noticed that he checks on Ayumi from time to time about the status of my hair treatment, without any display of bossiness and arrogance. Even if there were only 2 people manning and operating the salon, I can sense that they have real teamwork going on in there.

Ayumi and I had a chat after she examined my hair. She also explained how the humidity in Singapore has been affecting my hair - whew, what a relief to know that it wasn't just my frequent visit to the salon. She then recommended the 5-Steps Japanese Hair Treatment to me, albeit my being curious on the Collagen Treatment she explained much further that it wasn't really what my hair needed. She mentioned that the 5-Steps would make my hair alive again haha! You know, give it more bounce and lustre. It sounded really good to my ears. 

Frankly speaking, Ayumi is the icing on the cupcake. Her warm, inviting and jovial personality is a rare find nowadays. She listened attentively to my hair woes, my styling techniques, even my lifestyle so she was able to assess what treatment would be best for my hair. 


You know how other salon treatment sinks aren't just fitted well for your head? I mean yes, they have a standard to follow adhering to their clients' comfort but some of them are either too high or too low. So while the stylist is washing my hair, I dunno what body position to make haha! Sometimes even my butt hurts due to the uncomfortable position. While waiting for my hair treatment to be over, I didn't experience any neck nor shoulder pain. 

The only problem I had while waiting was that my eyes were very sensitive to the daylight, I was squinting! You can't tell coz it's not obvious at all with my sink selfies noh? I should have worn my shades hor?! LOL. But I love it! Natural lighting is always #FTW hehe. Lakas lang maka-fresh!


I highly recommend Ayumi, she is very detailed and never seemed to be in a rush while working. You know how some stylists become fidgety while they work on your hair? That's a real disgust for me. She was a professional albeit being in Singapore for only 3 months, she taught me tips to maintain my hair softness  and gave me amazing curls too!

Thanks Ayumi & Ryu for the wonderful service!

This was my nesting err, resting abode while waiting for the 5-steps treatment to sink in, pun intended. Just note that they have to assess your hair to be able to recommend what specific treatment is it that your hair needs. 

Ayumi will explain everything to you, the pros and cons and the effects afterwards. She's always willing to answer my fussy questions and I admire her patience for that.

I wasn't able to sleep albeit being comfortable in this position, maybe because I had too much in my head during this day! I was so preoccupied the day and night before,ugh.


The salon is chic with all the natural lighting seeping in through the transparent roof, it's perfect for selfies and the whatnot. It's also spankin' clean and Ayumi's artwork being displayed in the salon gives additional life to it.

major poke-stop point!

Ayumi & Ryu are your poke-allies! Unfortunately I don't dig this Pokemon Go but Ayumi showed me her game status and even mentioned that Ryu is a pro in this game!  These artworks were done by Ayumi herself by the way 


It's quite difficult to spot this salon due to the MRT construction/renovation going around Neil Road, the alley is a bit dark as well but I hope it gets better when the construction is done and over with. 

Say yes to a much healthier and bouncy hair, it's so fluffy whoopeedoo

thank you for giving me a softer & bouncy hair, ayumi ♡


It's just across Maxwell Food Centre! You can grab the cult fave chicken rice (Tian tian Haninanese Chix Rice) in case you're waiting for some hair coloring or treatment and your tummy goes krok-krok! 

Ayumi got magical hands! Her massage was confirmed shiok!!! She can draw, paint and massage? She's cute as a button. I almost wanna bring her home.


It'd be easy to drop a couple of hundred if you enjoy the bounce & smoothness as much as I do and keep coming back for more. It's much more worth it if you avail of their packages compared to the à la carte ones.

here's good news for my readers

Quote my name, CHARLES ANGEL or WICKERMOSS and be entitled to a 
30% off the Promo Price* 

Applicable on their Set Menu of Hair Treatments Only:

Cut & Color
Cut + Color + Treatment
Cut + Keratin Treatment
Cut + Digital Perm
Cut + Rebonding
Cut + Treatment

For example, you choose to have the Colour + Treatment Package as stated in their hair menu list - from $210 , it's discounted to $170! BUT BUT BUT!  You will still  GET AN ADDITIONAL 30% off discount just 'cause you're my reader, yaye ♡ Call the salon for a quotation if you wish and they'd be happy to assist you. They're open everyday as well!

*UPDATE as of MARCH 2017*

Please click on this link for newer discounts offered for my readers from HAIR STUDIO FLAMINGO. Thank you

click image below to enlarge / zoom on the prices*

7 Neil Rd 088807 
MRT: Tanjong Pagar/Exit B, Outram Park/Exit H. 
BUS:Aft Kreta Ayer Rd(61,166,197)Maxwell rd FC (80,145)
(+65) 8726.2116

Thanks for looking 

DISCLOSURE:  This post featured sponsored services. No form of compensation involved & author not affiliated with the brands/companies mentioned above.   All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are her own and remain 100% uninfluenced.All images are the property of wickeRmoss. Use of these images without any consent is prohibited.

My Japanese Hair Treatment Hair Salon Experience at Flamingo Hair Studio plus Special Offer for my Readers

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