[FILM REVIEW] BARCELONA, A Love Untold 2016: The Kissing Scene is REAL

Barcelona (A Love Untold, 2016) Movie Review Kathryn Bernardo Daniel Padilla 

Loving someone who can't barely move on from his past, or ex is a surefire way to break your own heart. 

Barcelona (A Love Untold, 2016) makes the latest pit stop for the #kathniel fans. It shows on how starting anew amass a puddle of stuck in the past moments nimbly squirrels away with the ghost of one's past.

Frankly speaking, I don't dig KathNiel but when I happened to watch one of their movies, Crazy Beautiful You I saw this certain chemistry that they actually emit on screen (which is more convincing in full length films compared to teleseryes if you'll ask me*).  So when Barcelona came out, I was hoping it'd be much better than Crazy Beautiful You, besides you got an Olivia Lamasan directing this film.

Kathryn Bernardo (Mia) & Daniel Padilla (Ely) surpasses the eye-candy stage, stirring just a decent amount of chemistry. Bernardo acquired my empathy with a strong suit when she was initially made to believe that she was solely 'loved' by Ely. 

This film is indeed full of surprises. Bernardo's dancing flamenco scene - an attempt in morphing Kathryn's sweet image to a let's say more 'mature' vibe. Kathryn is a candelabra of women meekly waiting in vain to be loved with distinct survival skills. Her romance with Daniel Padilla until the end wasn't left to be an uncanned passion. So yes, the kissing scene is REAL. 

Just a tip: Don't BLINK. Don't even attempt to.

Watching Padilla & Bernardo struggle in Barcelona - juggling both work & love emotions is a sad affair. Olivia Lamasan's way of fleshing out their extremely serious characters worked out almost halfway through the film. It was made lesser painful to moviegoers with uhm, Padilla's shirtless exposure and countless kissing scene attempts? Moviegoers (especially teenagers) inside the cinema scoffs and giggle simultaneously. 

If there were pitfalls in this film, it would have been how confined they have shown Mia & Ely's characters. I think it even focused more on how the character of Celine sifted through their own lives, on how they managed to settle it - I'll leave it up to you to watch. Yes, no spoilers and you're welcome. 

BARCELONA is a film to be believed. Give it a chance. The vivid visuals of Barcelona, Spain itself embraced the highly warranted pairing of Bernardo and Padilla. I highly think that their continued attachment to each other's acting skills makes this film appeal even to the non-youth market. Barcelona is all about two people sharing missed chances, paths voided, risks disdained - making sure that love stays afloat to fight for what is right and learning to pull it off under any circumstances.

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Barcelona (A Love Untold, 2016) Movie Review Kathryn Bernardo Daniel Padilla 


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