When BFF Steals Your Bae, Broken Friendships & The 5 Types of Friends We Lose Over Time. [My First Attempt in Creating Memes from SHREK THE MUSICAL]

When BFF Steals Your Bae, Broken Friendships & The 5 Types of Friends We Lose Over Time. My First Time To Create Memes from Shrek The Musical

weekend brunch is constantly made sweeter with snapchats, girl talk & bonding. until one morning you feel like slapping your best friend's face with that fluffy omelette on your plate. that's what you call, FRIENDSHIP FLATLINE.  

We're perfectly imperfect human beings - with that we all meet at least this one friend in life we call our best friend. 

Adulthood, aging, the scrambly madness that the pokemon go phenomenon gives - ahh, the fucking horror of losing our best friend. Do you ever realize that as we age, there will come a point in our lives that our friends hop the perch?  

You find yourself attached to only a single group of people - worse, to  1 or 2 persons left to text with on a Friday night out. Gone are the days that you have acquaintances, special friends, weekend friends, chat room friends. Now they all mean but nothing. 

I stumbled upon a few pics I took during the media call of SHREK The Musical. 

Donkey & Shrek. One of the best animated pair that fits our friendship goals. Donkey annoys Shrek til hell freezes over yet the gassy green ogre loves him. 

TOP:dragon, donkey, yours truly, princess fiona, shrek

bottom: lord farquaad

Then it came upon me. I've been wanting to post this. Shift your eyes once again to the title. The hilarious shots of this two perfectly fit my topic today. 

the friendship flatline.

The things you usually do together no longer feels right. The so-called comfortable silence now becomes a deafening one.  

Breaking up with a bestfriend is a daily ipod playlist - looping stress, stirring that constant ping of guilt.

Did you even ask yourself why you have more friends in your social media platforms compared to real life? Lahat ba 'yan madadamayan ka if ever may problemang dumating sa buhay mo? Yung iba kasi dyan hanggang comments and likes lang.  Maipambabayad mo ba ng hospital bills 'yan? I don't think so girl. If the friendship turns flatline, your heart will know. 

being too nice is a crime nowadays. 

Don't let anyone bully you.  You can reject. You can ALWAYS reject. The last time I  emailed someone back and said, "Hey, thanks. But, no thanks." It felt hella good actually. You should at least try it. Give yourself a break from being obligated to do things for your best friend. No one owns your decision scale but you. 

so here  are some of the types of friends that we lose over time. kawawa naman si time lagi na lang nasisisi. 

I have just described a few for you. With this post, it doesn't necessarily mean I lost my best friend that's why I'm rambling. It doesn't necessarily mean I am an expert with best friend relationships. I did not even include any advice here.  Wala ako sa posisyon pangunahan kyo - as my readers or even a first time visitor of my blog, I respect your opinion. 

It's my first attempt in creating memes, so indulge me please haha!

1. your ex's new girlfriend. The one who was stupid enough to fall in love with your boyfriend. Douchebag no? She will have the cheek to tell you, "Hindi ko sinasadya." Ano 'yon? Nagising na lang sya isang araw nasa kasama na nya boyfriend mo? Baka nga naman kasi sleepwalker si ex bf mo. Sana ipinosas mo girl. 

Then magso-sorry 'yan ng wagas. She will accept all your insults, sumbat and da watnat. Pagkauwi nya, ang sabi nya sa sarili - Hay sa wakas, natapos din. At last, kami na ng dyowa mo. 

2. v/blogger sya, ikaw hindi. As she became more, you become less. Question is,  will you let her be or will you try to join in? 

Her makeup is sponsored while you sheepishly wait for the mall to conduct clearance sales. By the time your favorite blush is out and on sale, the new makeup collection has just been launched. There will come a time she will give you a fuckin' heavy loot. You're too excited to open it and voila it's filled with deng deng, samples. The max you get is a 5ml moisturizer of La Mer, consider yourself lucky. Really. 

Her clothing is sponsored while you scour Divisoria and UkayUkay nooks for branded but cheaper clothes, nevermind the sweating, the manyakis drivers and the mamang holdaper. There will come a time she will give you another sack of clothes too. Ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans- all from Zara, H&M, famous blogshops and all. You checked the waist size and it says Size 23 inches. Perks of having a skinny friend. Oh, by the way you wear a size 32. 

Her staycation at Maldives is sponsored while you wait for your name to be called as the winner for a vacation trip for 2 in a raffle draw. There will come a time that she will offer to bring you along - only to become her #OOTD photographer.  

Your best friend enjoy all types of buffet - Japanese, Korean, Mexican and even endless cafe hopping while you always check your notifications for the cheapest Groupon deal. Minsan kahit newspaper vouchers papatusin mo na, kahit ngawit na yung daliri mo kakagupit ng coupon. There will come a time she will invite you. Her viber even says bring along your relatives ha. You will arrive at the venue only to find out seats were all taken, tipong standing room only. Keri na, puede naman mag-finger food na lang - foodcourt lang ang peg. Wait, di ba kahit food court may seats? 

3. the one who always question you. The one we all miss. The one who always do not agree but rather question your actions and in case you end up in jail, she will still be there beside you. I mean, literally beside you. Walang pampiyansa eh, so sasamahan ko na lang nya. #truestory 

4. the one who will pass you the anchor while drilling a hole under your ship. The one who saves your ass 99% of the time. Don't wait for that moment she asks you for something in return. She will pull you by the tail, feet up, head down. There's no way to breathe until you give in to her demands. Her kindness were all deception all along. This is friendship so do you really have to keep score? 

5. of course, the classic BFF. [Yung] Bullshit Fake Fala. The one that possess 3 main goals in life : to distract, detract and extract. Shared your best and worst secrets with her? Girl, goodluck. Her Instagram handle? @MissFreeloader. Sometimes, @MissDownfall. 

If #1 happened to me? It's time to unplug - our friendship deserves a certain euthanasia. No drama of that hair-pulling tho. I prefer to extract her wisdom teeth - with my own bare hands. 

Anything on my list that has happened to you yet? All sorts of advice welcome haha.   

You cannot find two peas in the same pod and repairing a broken friendship doesn't come with a complimentary instruction manual.  Even if Kat von D or Jeffree Star followed you on Instagram - fact is, in real life we all need that one real friend. 

Thanks for looking 

When BFF Steals Your Bae, Broken Friendships & The 5 Types of Friends We Lose Over Time. My First Time To Create Memes from Shrek The Musical

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