REVIEW: Super Hard or Free? Hairtalk time! Liese Super Hard & Liese Free Arrange Hair Spray by KAO.

I am more of a mist person. For hair styling, hair spray is my last bet. I recall my high school days wherein the IN thing was the "AQUANET" and it seems that the higher your palong is (rooster's comb), the better. Apart from that I have seen loathsome flakes that leads to dandruff for hair spray users, that is why I have steer clear from them. The only time I allow my hair to be styled using a hair spray before was during a photo shoot and the whatnot...uh, I got no choice then. I can't be a primadonna all the time right haha.

Anyway, if you'd ask me what do I use to style my hair, as mentioned I like to use hair mists or any hair milk treatment. I despise any sticky stuff you see. But I must admit I was addicted to SUAVE during my post graduation days LOL. They smell good and they really do tame my hair before then. Is SUAVE still in the market? 

Whenever I go to Watsons or Guardian, this brand LIESE is everywhere. I see a lot of women grabbing cans of hairsprays, tubs of hair wax, etc. I see that their packaging is so flirty too. So now, finally I had the chance to try LIESE's hairspray. What convinced me then this time? Simple. It's just the variant itself. I got two to try: the FREE ARRANGE and SUPER HARD.

Liese Super Hard Hair Spray

Liese Super Hard is on your right. Well if it ain't obvious enough, in fairness it did manage my hair well. With this style, the moment I turn my head ...pffft. Major pffft. I sprayed it on at the inner layers; near the roots and not directly. I know I can't do that else my scalp would itch in a matter of minutes. Love this bad boy! It managed to keep my "tidal wave" raging. Yeap, I call it tidal wave, lol.

Liese Free Arrange Hair Spray
Liese Free Arrange on the other hand did not disappoint. It gives that semi-soft effect on my hair; flowy yes, but I did not notice full volume tho....neither any fluffiness at the crown.

My hair can easily be combed using my fingers and doesn't get stuck which I love.

Both hairspray have this certain pleasing scents to them; refreshing and I love that they are not that sweet-smelling nor smells of chemical or something. Best of all, they ain't sticky.

I may repurchase the Super Hard in case I finish up this one. It does not give me any white flakes that look like dandruff...else that would be a fugly sight right? Have you tried any hair styling products from LIESE?


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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