Review: Make Room for Gelato + Coffee at AFTERS Espresso • Desserts

Review: AFTERS Espresso & Desserts

I've always thought that coffee showered with gelato is a devil's blend. So I never mess around with it. 

Mid last year when I was in Manila and I noticed that coffee shops are still pervasive. Gelato, on the other hand, albeit smooth and flavourful is still struggling to gain a foothold. So how if you combine the two? A cafe may have been brewing to the standards but it's an added bonus when they you the best of both worlds; in this case espresso and desserts - from Afters. 

afters espressodesserts is not entirely new in the business and they have been serving serious coffee kicks along the stretch of Tomas Morato. In case you wonder, why afters? It simply connotes something that you take after a meal akin to desserts. Afters Espresso •  Desserts is home to artisan gelato and fine, handcrafted coffee sourced here and abroad.

If you are a coffee aficionado, fret not as you will not be confined to having just a simple cup of coffee. They boast of a great selection of Gelato that can also go well with your choice, your good ol' cup gets an instant boom. The stretch of Tomas Morato has a lot of night out establishments, so this is a perfect spot to phony up more connections with your friends. 

The first thing I have noticed after walking in is the modern, bright walls and ceiling encompassing the entire dining area. Owner Vincent Fideles personally designed afters, his inspiration (same goes for his crafting his own coffee mixes and recipes!) comes from those different countries that he has been to. Fideles concept works celestially, pinning that tasteful balance of rustic and opulent. Modern light fixtures, wooden table tops, cushy couches, say hello to a homey feel from time to time. 

Must-try: Afters Frappe | Affogato | Signature Cheesecake

Want something to munch on before desserts? Try out their pasta and sandwiches! Then you can have desserts or coffee afters err, after.


Basil in Olive Oil, Sliced Olives ~ PHP199
Cream Sauce with Bacon and Ham ~ PHP220

Spicy Hungarian 

Spicy Hungarian Sausage, Honey Mustard Mayo and Lettuce ~ PHP220

Basics yes, but both pasta have a creamy, soft flavour to them. The Spicy Hungarian was well spiced and smokey, really good that I scarfed it down to quickly. You know what this is even a perfect match for a beer.

I chose their Signature Cheesecake and it has a fresh approach, with just the right hint of tartness. 

What do you get when you marry gelato and espresso? The affogato

After's Signature Affogato

Scoop of Gelato topped with a shot of Espresso ~ PHP159

An affogato (coming from the Italian word, affogare- meaning to drown) is a coffee-based beverage. It usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso. Get a cup, fill it with gelato and drown it with good quality espresso. 

A zen experience it is. What a potent flavourful cup of goodness. These two were doing the cha cha in my mouth with the right balance it deliver. A beautiful thing. 

Highly recommend you dig into their affogato. The affogato will give sheer delight to someone who is not even fond of coffee. It gave me that nice caffeine punch!  No burnt taste, just with the right acidity and creaminess in a glass. 

If you prefer to eat the Gelato alone, they have a decent selection. Their Gelato was smooth and creamy, but without being overly rich or heavy on the palate. Gelato makes a perfect finish to any meal, and their flavours lean on the bold side. 

After's Frappe

An indulgent creation by Vincent Fideles. You can see the sparkle in his eyes when he talks about this, as mentioned he usually get his creations from the countries he visited. Think of this cup as something that will wash all your exhaustion after a whole day's work. I was surprised when I asked him if there was any cinnamon in it and he actually said yes. Thing is, you cannot actually tell once you've tasted it as the smell of cinnamon was truly faint. 

Afters Espresso •  Desserts premium coffee and casual ambiance certainly makes this a pleasurable coffee and desserts den. With Vincent Fideles' passionate ownership, afters Espresso and desserts just have enough to keep you coming back.

afters espressodesserts
20 Lansbergh Place Bldg. Tomas Morato cor. Scout Castor St. Quezon City

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Review: AFTERS Espresso & Desserts







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