REVIEW: Erabelle Mizu Mask, Why So Expensive?

SGD26.75 a pop?! fo ' real?

A skin treatment mask that supplies abundant moisture and breathes new life to skin instantly! Richly formulated with botanical Poly-peptide, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, it intensively repairs damaged skin cells and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. Further complemented by a host of botanical extracts which provides soothing, anti-aging and moisturising benefits, this is the ultimate moisture-boosting and skin-plumping mask for any tired,stressed skin.

Made in Taiwan. Premium cotton fiber from Japan.

A box (5 pieces) / 1 piece

Recommended for
Dehydrated, dull, mature skin type.

Cleanse face thoroughly. Remove the mask from outer packaging and unfold. Peel off the silver film from the mask. Gently apply the mask over entire face and relax for 20-30min. Remove mask, rinse face with water and pat dry. For best result, use at least once a week.

What Else You Need To Know
1. It is recommended to alternate the use of 2-3 types of masks.

2. For mature skin, alternate between Rejuvenating and Fairness masks.
3. Discontinue use if you experience unusual irritation or redness

Where to buy:

$26.75 from

ERABELLE Mizu Therapy Mask

The Japanese word MIZU means WATER 

  • Performance Wise:  Loved the smell and the moisturizing effects of this mask. If you need a dose of calm, this mask delivers. The essence is thick glue-like, non-sticky and would make your skin touch-ably soft; for the price I have expected it would at least brighten my skin but I did not notice any of that.
  • PriceOMG, price point is absurd, SGD26.75 per piece? If you purchase a box consisting of 5 pieces, it's SGD107!  I know I know it's made in Japan, well not really only the material is from Japan but this is Taiwan made. The only mask I am willing to spend on is still the SK II WHITENING INTENSIVE SOURCE MASK's addicting, nuff said. Besides the SK II is only SGD128 so it's not much of a difference. HAHA BIAS? I'll bet you'll choose SK II as well LOL
  • Packaging: I have misplaced the cover of this mask, but it comes in a sturdy cardboard like cover, with a dainty floral design similar to the print you see on the above pic. The cloth is soft with a medium thickness and fits my entire face well..really comfortable when worn. 

Here is the catch. Every time I use a facial sheet mask, I do get breakouts. Like a pimple or two, right after washing my face. Yes, with any mask I still do wash my face afterwards. I do not believe in letting the essence sink into your skin for too long. I am already immune to the breakout scenario that is why I try to stay away from them. The SK II is one sheet mask that does not give me anyof those, that is why I love that. Now, I was surprised that this ERABELLE is officially the 1st Runner Up. Nadah sight of a pimple after first use! Overall it's a great mask, nourishing but non-radiance boosting.

P.S. I got no blardy idea on why was the mask so ripped apart .  It's as if there was a mice nibbling on my face that it somehow turned out to be like that LOL.







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