HAIR AFFAIR: DIY Hair Color Part 2. Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse & an Almost Burnt Nape.

I'm gonna spill the beans.I 'somehow' burnt the skin of my nape,
 back of my ears & some parts of my shoulder.. . .
NOT because of the hair dye I used but because of me being a lazy bum haha!

I've used Revlon, Loreal, Garnier and it's only Schwarzkopf that I always return to as I find them to be the most reliable for good results. This does not make my hair brassy, dry and dull. It smells pretty good too and  gives me a good amount of shine.

I've dyed my hair tons of times at home, but this is the first time I had thisNext time I'd really cover my forehead, including the nape, near the neck, cause that's where we let the dye touch our skin without paying our full attention.
Sharing with you some of my DIY hair coloring/dye tips:

Wash your hair a day, not an hour but a day earlier. Never wash and/or shampoo your hair prior to coloring. Especially if you have a sensitive scalp, do wash it a day before. If you shampoo the same day, the chemicals are more likely to make your skin tingle, cause more irritation and there is a higher possibility that the color would not adhere well on your scalp.
Test strand. If you're not confident about your color choice, test a length of hair on the back or underneath (as long as it's gonna be hidden) of your head. You can see how the color will turn out, and any "uh-oh" results will be at least hidden. A strand test also lets you make sure the  doesn't cause an allergic reaction.
Tag team and do the hair wrestle anyone? I am used to doing this all alone but it still is advisable to have someone to help you. That someone else will easily see the back of your head, and at least the higher chances of you to nail an even application. 
Protect your skin at all cause. Hair dye can very much soak into your skin then leave a cast or shadow that can last for a couple of days. What I do to stop dye from staining is I rub Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as close as possible to my hairline, then from ear to ear. It works, I never have to worry about stains.
Never ever trust the color swatches from your dye box . What you see isn't always what you get. Move on haha. If I want a certain shade, I go for another shade lighter.

Previous post of my DIY Hair Color using Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse here CLICK!

**fotobomb commence.

Latest shade used: Light Golden Brown (6-65) by Schwarzkopf 
Available at Guardian Stores

then KOMACHI gave me awesome reddish highlights



this is it after 6 months...

I am not going through again on how to use the  Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse  as it's already in my previous post, dun wanna sound like a broken record...


And so I failed to follow the most important tip (protect the skin thingamajiger)  that I mentioned above, hehe. I did not put any towel to at least protect my nape just cause am a lazy bum. 

Ahuh, I wore a white tee some more haha. I told you I am THAT lazy during this particular day, way to0oooo lazy to even change to a darker and older shirt. So buhbye Esprit shirt, waaahhh.

Notice on how minimal the stains on my shirt were? 

That's cause my skin absorbed 90% of the colouring solution #BWAHAHHAHA
Here's my patches, counting my moles are free of charge btw.

Totally ignored these (as I usually do) and assumed that it would go away after a few days but since I (again) have a high tolerance for pain, I lost track on how many days it took for these patches to disappear. 

These may look like ordinary to you, but my skin's slightly charred or should I say inflamed? ...and they are painful (mahapdi). Thank God, they were not blistered. It all went off after some time so I told myself, "Oh no no,  I'd never be lazy again when it comes to hair colour DIY."

DIY Hair Colour Result:

Daytime... the very next day. I went out to have lunch outside sans makeup and all just to take snapshots of my new hair color. 

True enough, I can see Light and Brown. No golden. haha. 
Can't blame the box, my hair is previously reddish. 

Overall , pleased as usual with Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse as it somehow freshened up my look and there is this "nag-aagawan" happening between the colors red and brown especially when the sun hits it.

Taken using an iPhone. 
Hmm seems like I have new hi-lights here, not bad. *pats myself on the back
well, except for the almost burning my skin part LOL

Do you have any DIY Hair Colour blunders yourself? 
Remember, be careful with anything that you do to your hair.
Thanks for looking!


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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