REVIEW: Set Adrift on Becca's Bliss! Becca Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder.

Mineral makeups, not an easy line to find. I have tried Bare Minerals and have stopped from there. Yep, speed and ease of use is arguably present..natural as it may seem but still it's just not for me.  Perhaps due to a time that I tried a certain Mineral makeup line and all I got was pure itch and blotched skin. I made my first review of  the Becca Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder here (click click!) and as much as I loved it at first, let me share the reasons why I have abandoned this compact for a lil while now.
When I purchased my first Becca Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder, I had zero intention of using it as a foundation but rather as a setting powder over my liquid foundation. I got mine in the shade BLISS. Other shades include: Rapture, Dream, Bloom, Desire. Not too sure if they have around 10? It contains Vit. A,B, C & E. and is free from parabens, oil, alcohol, talc, chemical dyes, fillers, etc.


Becca Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation 
Claims what again?
Create picture perfect fantasy skin with this pressed mineral powder foundation from BECCA. It has a sheer, weightless finish that suits all ages and skin types, especially those with sensitive or acne prone skin. Water-resistant,easy-to-apply and long wearing.

  • Performance Wise: Powder is finely milled that it's almost weightless; the shade Bliss is a neutral color & I was lucky that it matches my skin tone as I was lazy bum & didn't test this upon purchasing. Grabbacompact & Boom! I went outta door in a flash (after paying of course, hah!)
  • 1 layer is enough to set everything; however I noticed that when I reached the 3rd layer (heck...just tried it for fun) it turned out chalky. I was hoping for 6 layers. Really.
  • Becca in Bliss to me: "GIRL, I TOLD 'YA, DON'T PUSH ME TO MY LIMITS." 
  • Be sure to moisturize well enough when using this, it makes my skin dry by midday; on a positive note I rarely do touch ups as this gives me a semi-matte finish. Does not clog up pores and it blends seamlessly on skin
  • The Becca Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder has a chameleon ability; score your perfect shade match and it disappears on your skin, thus the natural effect. I have yet to try if this is indeed waterproof. Unless it survives my Bikram, then this would rawk my world.

Really looked like skin huh?

from left to right: 1 layer | 2 layers | 3-4 layers ( for the purpose of swatching);
once blended it's untraceable on skin

  • Packaging: Albeit a reminiscent of NARS' rubber packaging, this Becca powder is sturdy and stowable. Mineral powder in pressed compact form is just the way to go. Just look at that Becca-with-a-screw logo!  Loving the Capt. America's shield vibe too. Or does it look more like of a UFO to you? 
  • Price: SGD58/ 7g..pricey for a small compact
  • Would I Repurchase: No. Though this is mineral makeup that has more health benefits thingamajiggers claim and it comes in a compact form, my answer is still NO. I totally hate the dryness.. to the extent that my face becomes itchy most of the time, period. 

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