Amethystory Mineral Yogurt Mask: Heaven In a Jar for Dehydrated Skin

What is as edible as it is good for your skin? 

Introducing the all new… 

Amethystory Mineral Yogurt Mask 

Instant Brightening With Intense Hydration 
Yogurt is Not Just Good Food. It can be Healthy Skin Treatment Mask Too! 
Size: 60g / SGD18.90

Yogurt is Not Just Good Food. It can be Healthy Skin Treatment Mask Too!
Amethyst Mineral Yogurt Mask builds upon the natural goodness of premium yogurt with the additional special blend of Amethyst, Tranexamic acid, Hyaluronic acid, Bio Energy Fluid, Ginseng and Olive Oil. Your skin becomes instantly brighter, feels more moisturized and soft. With regular use, a fairer and more even skin tone will give you a natural radiant glow from within.

What it Claims
  • Intensively nourishes and rejuvenates skin, for a soft and smooth complexion
  • Excellent whitening and brightening of skin, giving a naturally fair and radiant complexion
  • Deeply hydrates and locks in moisture, for supple and healthy looking skin
  • Helps to keep skin refreshed and cool
  • Non-greasy formula for easy and deep absorption into skin

Active Ingredients
These are the purported benefits of the active ingredients:


  • Enhances skin rejuvenation and cell growth to produce smoother, more supple skin
  • Promotes collagen synthesis that creates a more radiant and youthful look over time
  • Promotes efficient detoxification to reduce daily stress by producing a small, detectable magnetic field that emits beneficial infrared radiation and ions that enhance circulation, promote anti-oxidation and encourage skin cell regeneration

Tranexamic Acid

  • Effective in counteracting melanin growth to fight dark spots and lighten complexion
  • Promotes an even complexion
  • Improves dull skin tone for a fairer complexion

Hyaluronic Acid

  • Provides intense hydration and retains water in the skin for a youthful and supple look

Bio-Energy Fluid

  • Contains ample minerals and trace mineral elements to nourish skin for a softer and brighter complexion
Directions: After cleansing, gently massage an adequate amount onto the entire face. Leave the mask on for around 15 -30 minutes to allow the nutrients to be absorbed into the skin. Then rinse off thoroughly.  

  • Performance Wise: Just like a real yogurt, only that this ain't sticky ; non-runny ..almost like a cream-gel based mask; it's PINK! Yikes, pink mask on my face? You gotta be kiddang me haha. Refreshing semi-sweet "lickable" smell yumm!   Very, very cooling to the skin, LOVE! And I haven't even put the tub inside the fridge when I tried using this! Skin really felt refreshed..uhm...I can say that my skin felt so much brighter and relaxed. "No film left-over feel" after washing it all off; bonus points for the overall comfort that this mask gives. Did not itch nor sting, no breakouts. Not a single zit/bump, yay!

  • Price: Affordable.... a 60g tub will only cost you less than SGD20.
  • Packaging: Hello, define  details? The box is an in-your-face-spoon-feeding of everything you need to know about this mask. It comes in a lightweight plastic tub; your choice..dip your fingers or use a spatula to avoid bacteria from harbouring.

I did not follow the directions stated in the packaging.
WHAT  I did was let the tub sit at room temperature;
splashed some water on to my face facial cleanser of any sort;
and then applied this liberally as if there's no more tomorrow lol
Yes, I applied it before my skin care regime.  

If you know me, I like to pack a very thick layer of mask on my face, the thicker the better. Well, this tub did not disappoint. Upon first layer of application, it was absorbed real fast , then I have added up to 3-4 layers on my face. It adhered well enough that I never felt any stickiness at it's really creamyyyyy! I used tepid water and loved how my skin turned out to be smooth and supple. 

This mask does not harden on your face; I had this mask on while I was packing my things (as uhhh, we're on the process of transferring to our new place) and never imagined this would last on my face up to an hour or so. 
Did not drip! Not even once. 
It was that comfortable I almost forgot I've even put this mask on. Impressive.

Recommended for those who needs extra boost of hydration; great treat to pamper your skin and if you are the type who cannot tolerate those heavy type of masks. Think this would be perfect for a hung-over pampering....hmmm hafta try that real soon.

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  1. Yum, yogurt on your face! Wish it's available here in PH because I would love to give this a try! :D


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