REVIEW: Essence Perfumes. Smell Like A Million Without The Million Price Tag.

The only thing I could say about Essence Perfumes?

Bloody good.. I tell you.

They're decently surprisingly long lasting,

I mean,  for a drugstore perfume who would even think that they actually do?!

Each of them has this unique smell, not overpowering and they're non-spendy;

a defo re-purchase and highly recommendable.

I wish am sponsored by essence but no,
honest to goodness fact is that they are indeed scent performers;
at par with those certified eau de toilette bottles in the market.

essence EDT Like a Trip to New York SGD6.90/10ml
essence Urban Messages SGD12.90/50ml
essence EDT Like a Walk in the Summer Rain SGD6.90/10ml

essence Urban Messages eau de toilette

For the obvious reason of how funky the box is, I got this on whim.
When I opened it , I was glad to see that the bottle was accentuated with graffiti as well..

The fragrance that is part of this interesting collection carries the name of the collection – Urban Mesages.
 It aims at true City-Girls with its fresh and light notes. The perfume is packed in silver-grey bottle with graffiti-style inscription Love.

One whiff and I already knew its luxurious label counterpart.
I have used the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (Women) for a few years and yes, it's a dupe.

Smeellllsss nice!
fresh, light with that powdery cum woodsy scent.
As the same case with D&G, this is your everyday perfume.

Only that the D&G has this more 'grown up' scent to it.
I wore this the whole day, went to various rigorous activities 
and the more I sweat, the more I can smell the perfume.
Constant freshness in a bottle.
Can all perfumes be like that? 
Some scents tend to disappear the moment 
a few beads of sweat trickles down your forehead isn't it? #pfft.

essence Like a Trip to New York eau de toilette

Ahhh, that neon-ish NY! 
Anything NY stuff always struck me with a certain thud
they are just ever loverly, hehe.

Like a Trip to New York is an exciting and energetic fragrance like the atmosphere of the great metropolis of New York and visits to sites such as Fifth Avenue, Times Square and Soho. The aroma is fruity(grapefruit/cranberry), cheerful and urban.

Handy slim bottle,perfect for travel.
Now for the dupe, I can't seem to think of any.
This is fruity, semi-sweet with woody undertones to it.
My least fave of the bunch;
it smells great but not just my type ...
as I don't dig sweet scents that much.

essence Like a Walk in the Summer Rain eau de toilette

An aromatic refreshing as the feeling one summer regens on a hot day, embrace the summer

Same cylindrical bottle as the New York, it is perfect to take along.
I have also noticed that the caps, tho plastic were stable.
You see these bottles are defo not the designer ones; 
but they were designed beautifully with charm IMO.
Yellow is my least fave colour and still I got this cause it's just pretty IRL.

The smell is one I could be easily be friends with.
From the name, this calls for high expectations.
But how does an actual summer rain smells like in reality? 

The perfume itself is coloured blue; like water blue....nice eh?
This is fresh and fruity, like watermelon and lemon combined.
The scent weakens down to that sporty scent, which I adorbs!
This is something I would love to wear whenever I'd play tennis.
Fresh and sporty, fits my bill.
I can bathe myself in this...all day.

So there you have it.
If you wanna smell like a million, without the price tag...
grab a bottle now! The designs are enticing enough isn't it? 
They wun disappoint, trust me.
Now am tempted to try the other the Candy something 
which I heard smells like a real Candy Shop.

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