REVIEW: Lactacyd V-Zone Care!

It's time to sit down and talk some lady business here . 
And yes I am referrin' to our whoha's! 
Right here. Right now. 
Never ever suspend nor ignore V matters ! 

Some people thought that you can only use feminine wash IF:
Your whoha stinks 
You have yeast infection 
You are sexually active 
You are not anymore a virgin (i think this is the craziest!)

The chemicals in feminine wash can upset or mess up your natural balance so it's highly important to be wary of the feminine wash you choose to use.

Albeit the issue that feminine wash can do more harm than good; how about taking this into consideration? 

The vagina's pH is different from the rest of our body, too much alkali from common soap will disrupt the ‘complacency’ of the fragile area. To avoid the risk of acquiring yeast infection, the cleanser( ideally!) should have a pH of 3.5 – 4.5 to support the natural acidic environment of the sensitive V-area. 

I think most reputable feminine wash brands stays long on the business for good as long as it is widely accepted in general ; To me, as long the pH is correct - I am in good hands.I once thought that soap and water would just be fine; then I tried using all kinds of soap, name it: mild soap; baby soap; soap for ultra-sensitive skin; 'vaginal soaps' etc. Everything that I have tried just burns me. As soap contain a lot of additives and thus gives more soreness.

Until I discovered Lactacyd.

While I used to be wary of buying feminine wash, who else but my mother told me to get it since it is hypoallergenic.

I was so happy with the results that it became a part of my daily routine and whenever I skipped on a day not using it..I somehow tend to feel a lil bit irritable and 'dirty'.

Lactacyd is designed to keep the right amount of pH for our body and totally made to not disturb the natural body you feel a lot more cleaner and fresher.

Women's daily vaginal discharge is entirely normal for it is one way of cleaning our body. But if one experiences a foul discharge, it's definitely time to consult a doctor. 

Ever since I got hooked on using Lactacyd, I never had problems so far, so why change to another brand? It's the only feminine wash that is indeed mild, washes away quickly, and rinses well -makes me more comfortable, and smells good too .

Being an established brand, I never expected Lactacyd would continue to be innovative.

They have tailored more products in addressing every women's needs. 

Lactacyd is the No. #1 feminine hygiene wash brand in the world.With strong presence in many markets, and with more than 30 years of experience.

Lactacyd also leads the ASEAN / Hong Kong. Today, Lactacyd is available in the following Asian markets: Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, HongKong, Taiwan & China.

"Sanofi will continue to innovate our products, in order to stay relevant to our consumers."'

~ Leah Goodman, General Manager

Sanofi Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei

With that being said, Lactacyd officially launched :

Lactacyd White Intimate


Lactacyd Revitalize 

Whitening our whohas?!

Yes! This time it includes no surgical nor expensive doctor's fee or whatsoever!

Lactacyd White Intimate

Singapore's first intimate wash with skin lightening benefits and the first of its
kind that is made with natural ingredients. The wash is the effective, natural and safe answer
to intimate fairness and confidence. 90% of Asian women in a product test witnessed
visible lightening after 12 weeks, and 67% witnessed skin lightening just in four weeks!


- Proven effective in skin lightening of the intimate area

- Made with natural ingredients

- pH level: 5.2


- 90% of women witnessed visible lightening in 12 weeks

- 67% of women witnessed visible lightening in 4 weeks

Made with natural ingredients, Lactacyd White Intimate contains marine-based Algowhite, plant-based Actipone-B ingredient, and milk-based Lactoserum/Lactic acid. It is also dermatologically tested safe to be used for intimate area.

- Actipone-B: Marine-based whitening agent, lightens skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, a pigment found in the skin which is the origin of skin darkness

- Lactoserum: Milk-based moisturizing and revitalizing agent

- Lactic acid: Natural, soothing, anti-itching agent

My Thoughts
Light liquid soap type;
Fragrance: subtle potpourri scent 
foams up well; no heavy bubbles
rinses easily
leaves no residue
the hydrating factor is felt immediately after a wash;
you know the feeling when you burnt your finger and you put an ointment or balm on to the wounded skin? That IS it.

Instant salve.

whitening visibility?

estimate of 8-12 weeks is needed so I would not be able to vouch for anything yet!

Lactacyd Revitalize


- Proven effective in firming and moisturizing

- Made with natural ingredients

- pH level: 5.2


- 98% of women witnessed moisturizing effect in 4 weeks

- Nearly 50% of women witnessed firming effect in 4 weeks

Lactacyd Revitalize contains gentle cleansing and anti-aging properties

such as Vitamin E, Collagen & Trehalose, which will help to rejuvenate skin and leave it firm & supple.

- Trehalose: A long lasting deodorant moisturizer with moisture-retaining capacity

- Vitamin E: Antioxidant qualities and destroys free radicals

- Collagen: An abundant protein that hydrates and help fight signs of aging

My Thoughts

Anti-aging skincare, check.

Anti-aging shampoo & conditioner, check.


Anti-aging Feminine Wash for our V-zone???!!!


Kudos to these researchers!

Light liquid soap type; i find the consistency of this lighter than the White Intimate*

Fragrance: minimal  floral scent

foams up quite well;

bubbles are not heavy either and it's nice and not thick

easy to rinse

leaves no residue

same hydration effect with White Intimate* but this is more moisturizing (IMO);

after a hard day's work i felt that it takes the sting out of my entire body;

like a tranquilizer eh?

Revamped with the latest innovations, Lactacyd White Intimate and Revitalize, the new range of Lactacyd sets to better meet the needs of women. Although most women are aware of feminine hygiene care, the importance of proactive usage is often overlooked. Feminine washes aid in prevention of infections, and an integral part in one's beauty regime. Lactacyd believes that every inch of the female body deserves the best care in order to be fair and flawless, especially the intimate area.

Lactacyd White Intimate creates a new category within feminine hygiene, to meet the massive popularity of skin lightening products in Asia. Not only will Lactacyd White Intimate motivate women to pay special attention to their intimate area, it will also help them to feel more confident about themselves!

Lactacyd Intimate White and Revitalize can be found at all leading pharmacies and is sold
at a recommended retail price of SGD$13.90 for 250ml.

For more information about Sanofi, please visit
Also, for more information on Lactacyd please visit

To feel fresher and drier from normal discharge and odor use Lactacyd as it :

Help maintain acidic pH; it contains lactic acid to encourage the natural vaginal acidity; 
Help to prevent strong and unpleasant odors;
Long lasting antibacterial action, as it maintains the natural body chemistry and normal pH 

Added tips!

Practice good hygiene with daily showering;
Washing the genital area with a mild wash such as Lactacyd that keeps your pH balance and also gives you odor protection;
Wear cotton underwear and make sure your panty hose have a cotton crotch (if you wear one);
Allow your vagina to breathe!
Do not use feminine wipes or scented feminine products ; perfumes can cause irritation.

Lactacyd can be used to help relieve vaginal dryness and make intimate moments more pleasurable.

Peace of mind down there??


Wonder What The Message In the Bottle Is?

It all began with this dilemma by most women.

Afraid to come out in the open because of your darkened bikini area? Don't let it bring you down!

FRET Not ! I'm On My Way To Find The Ultimate Solution To This Deadly Woes!

 For The Hunt Begins ! Right Here, Right Now !

Treasures?!?!  Found IT !!!

 LACTACYD White Intimate  & Revitalizing Feminine Wash !

The perfect duo to target those darkened bikini areas while giving hydration, 
moisturizing and soothing properties to your sensitive V-zone area! 

It is much easier to entrust your private V-zone to a brand who has established a name for itself like Lactacyd, 
with an extensive & a credible background of providing tailored products to meet every women's needs .

Every single drop counts; they are like bricks & mortars of a woman's confidence. 

Even though you have a prescription in hand, 
Confidence is not something you can buy over the counter. 
It emanates from your very self. 
It comes out naturally.
No pretensions;
No illusions.
Charm is just an added bonus. 

How about trying them out first?

Here's the great news !

You can get to try them out FOR FREE!   (*throws confetti!)

Click click click on Lactacyd Facebook Page HERE 
& use the secret password –

to redeem your very own Lactacyd FREE Trial Kit ! 

Apparently, charm comes in oat forms too?
Oats are natural skin exfoliators; relief for itchiness/redness; soothes and heals even the most sensitive skin.

Just like Lactacyd noh? Wondahful.

 You can make homemade DIY scrubs at home and achieve that flawless look with regular usage. 
Not just great for the heart when taken during breakfast, oats can give you that nice pink glow !
Take a palm full of oatmeal and run your fist in lukewarm water for about 15 seconds
Gently open and clench your fist to allow the water to soften the oatmeal
Slowly massage the oatmeal onto your face & body in circular motions for a couple of minutes
Rinse off using lukewarm water to reveal brighter & smoother skin, so....

 Whip up your scrubs now ladies!

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