EVENTS: Legion of Pain Attacks Market! Market! Advil Liqui-Force to the Rescue!

Yesterday I made one terrible mistake of going out on a Friday Payday.  I desperately want to get this powder brush that Liz had featured on her site.  It looks very promising and costs only Php119.75! Problem is, it can only be purchased from Metro Dept. Store at Market! Market across Serendra. To finally ease this agony of vanity, I decided to go out. I just murmured "Charles, just ignore the heat, traffic jam, annoying cab driver and the pet peeve of rubbing elbows with people inside the mall, you'd finally get that brush soon!" 

As I was ready to attack the mall, I merely thought there was a celebrity who arrived that caused many people to flock outside. When I took out my camera, I found myself glued to where I am standing. A flash mob is about to take place. The celebrity turned out to be mascots. But wait, I was expecting that these mascots are supposed to be cute, furry and all. When I saw them they sure look deadly! There were four of them namely:

from left to right:
Headache |  Toothache | Body Pain | Dysmennorhea

They call themselves as the Legion of Pain. They ought to spread pure discomfort and pain. What a clever way to dampen the crowd's jubilant moods huh?! They even said they have a quota to meet, whaaaatt? As if a single pain like the headache is not enough, what more if it's accompanied by body pains? I personally liked the Dysmenorhea mascot (FYI, only the mascot!), simply because as a woman I am one of those who are unfortunate to have this unbearable monthly period pains! It can literally knock me off to the point that I need to take tranquilizers before just to sleep off the pain. While they were happily spreading these pain to the crowd, I saw some people flashed a smile. Here comes the Tablet Man. A mascot wearing a checkered cape and somehow resembles a typical tablet we used to take arrived to save the day. He was too confident that he can beat the Legion of Pain. In the end, the monsters were strong and he just got some beating from them! He cannot fight against them, he was too slow and he fell flat on the ground. The monsters were right. The level of pain that people experience nowadays have truly leveled up. Those ordinary pain relief tablet we are so used to take are now a thing of the past. 

I wanted to go and say, "Hey, wake up Mr. Tablet Man and do your job!" I almost felt helpless right there. But if people think the hero arrived just failed, they were wrong. With the fine roar of a motorcycle, along came 3 Tron looking heroes in black. They are Liqui1, Liqui2 Liqui3 or also known as the ADVIL Liqui-Force. They fought with the pain monsters as if a comic book came to life before the crowd's eyes. The ADVIL Liqui-Force proved faster and stronger than Tablet Man. They have laser guns which has the ADVIL logo embossed on them. Pretty cool! The Legion of Pain could not stand a chance against the ADVIL Liqui- Force and was defeated without a doubt.
The Advil Liqui-Force.
Don't you just love the neon green design on their outfits?

After the show, I heard people say it was something new to their eyes. I also thought it was an effective campaign. You actually have a better understanding of a new product released compared to just reading print ads and pamphlets.  I was happy of this new development as I am one satisfied Advil user. But for those who are not,  I bet they are wondering what the show is all about. What is Advil Liquid Gel by the way?

Advil Liquid Gel is another effective pain medication that works 3x faster than the normal  paracetamol, a very common household pain reliever. The speed of the new Advil Liqui-Gel has been scientifically and clinically proven by numerous studies done here and abroad. With the new Advil Liqui-Gel, one can be sure of nothing but fast, effective, and safe pain relief from all kinds of pain. The new Advil Liqui-Gel recorded a 35.58-minute body absorption speed, almost three times faster than regular ibuprofen tablets which recorded 93 minutes. Armed with science and facts strongly supporting its speed and efficacy, the new Advil Liqui-Gel is the brilliant choice for pain relief. For faster than ever pain relief that is proven by science, switch to the new Advil Liqui-Gel. They are also available over-the-counter in leading drugstores even supermarkets nationwide.
Almost everyone wants to have a sample after watching the campaign.

3x Faster!

I find the transparent blue green Advil Liqui-gel attractive.
Impressive as well because after I got this sample,
I took it right away and my Friday payday blues
were gone in an instant. Thanks Advil!

Have you seen this flash mob in the metro already? What do you think of this new campaign? I highly bet most you have their own stories of experiencing these pains? I want to hear them!







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