B-CURE LASER: Don't Let Chronic Pain Rob You Of Your Lifestyle Routine

If my 'mousing' or steering my mouse wheel could bring me to places, i would have been all around the world this time. 

So if you're like me who's glued to a computer screen or mobile phone almost 90% of ze entire day, you'd probably encountered different types of pain in your body - eye fatique, neck / shoulder / back pain and  finger or wrist pain.

How many of us spend hours scrolling our mobile phones and chatting via whatsapp or even gaming for days? Do you also feel that your fingers are numb from doing all these things? I'm pretty sure you do too in one way or another.

Lately I find myself often wake up in the middle of the night with numb hands. I thought it was my due to a wrong sleeping position that restricts the circulation causing this numbness  I feel.  But come to think of it, I always lie down on my back so it shouldn't be the cause, really. 

I told myself this condition is not to be taken lightly and I don't need anymore illness aside from my scoliosis and the whatnot. But then upon inquiring with a couple of clinics here in Singapore, the treatment surely costs a bomb. For an initial consultation, I need to fork out about SGD150-SGD200. That price is non-inclusive of any medicines nor therapy sessions yet.  Don't ask me if I even consider acupuncture haha! The cost is not far from it as well.

What I'm more concerned is what if I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Aside from finger numbness I noticed I keep on dropping things - I cannot even properly hold my cup of coffee with just one hand.  

But GOD is really good all the time. HE wanted to give me comfort through this little mean machine called B-Cure Laser.

so what is this b-cure laser 

If you're sensitive about the term 'laser', this uses wavelength via soft-light/cold-laser or low-level laser. Meaning, it doesn't radiate heat to the area, no radiation, no side effect.  It's proven to relief pain, and treats the problem. 

B-Cure Laser is the first hand-held soft-laser medical device for home use that not only provides pain relief but also heal the source of inflammation.

what's special about it?

Safe, light, small/compact. Easy to operate. Rechargeable.  Oh did I say, it's cordless? I hate those machines with lots of strangling cords and heavy-weight ones! I can't possibly chuck them inside my backpack right? At time when my body is sore all over and I don't wanna pop a pill so I wish I can carry something light to help me cure it even when I'm outside the house.

It takes only a few minutes to perform the treatment, plus it's painless. It's also International Registered Patent and Health Sciences Authority (Singapore) approved. 

Trivia: There are over 7000 Clinical trials proving the efficacy of low level laser. In the last few years the B-Cure Laser has been clinically proven by a few double blind clinical trials. For example: 1) Russia’s National Bio-Medical Institute found the efficacy to be above 90% in reducing pain, in cases of pain in the knees as a result of arthritis and injury. The pain of the patients who took part in the trial disappeared, almost completely, within 14 days of treatment. 2) A clinical trial held at Parma University, in Italy, saw a significant reduction of 50% in the level of pain, in the treatment of problems in the jaw joint. This trial proved the efficacy of the device, for all small joints – wrists, fingers, neck .

my own results

True enough, upon my first trial I didn't feel any pain brought about by the machine- in fact I didn't feel anything. My first day, I only tried it for a minimal 2 minutes. Reason being is that I don't want to force my body. I want it gradual, nice and smooth. 

I just want to point out that I have done previous therapy sessions in Manila, Philippines held at hospitals. I dealt with the professional people like therapists and those machines that "treat" those chronic pain.  

Let's be honest here, during the 5th day I was already starting to feel "meh" about this product. I mean I love the device itself, it doesn't feel cheap and when you hold it one can tell it's really well-made.

The stand is its best partner, I mean you can reach for my back without bugging my husband to do it for me. I used it while watching Netflix because I usually watch TV sitting on a couch and not lying down in bed. I can easily reach those hard to reach areas without exerting too much effort.  The charge itself lasts long. I don't need to charge everyday and I use this 2x a day (15 minutes each)! No confusing buttons and no overheating from the device.  

6th day came, I noticed that my fingers felt relaxed. The throbbing pain isn't as bothering as before. The numbness subsided  to the point that I had a peaceful sleep. Really thankful for that. Who said only old folks can use it eh?!

Whenever I'm outside working, I feel this pain under my chin,  a tad below the ear and seems to extend to my neck area. Since it's really portable, I bring it with me. Just press and go. I get to alleviate the pain and then go back to working again. My progress seemed to be slower, of course compared to the sessions I had at the hospitals but what's to complain? I mean, really. I saved a lot of bucks and I just need to be consistent in using it.  

Also I enhance it with manual hand stretching while waiting for my bus, sitting on that bus stop bench. Instead of me fiddling with my mobile, I do that.   As of this writing, my fingers' numbness has been minimized and I do hope it continues.  As you can see from the pic below, the most affected part is my forefinger.  The finer you used to scroll the mouse wheel and when I write with a pen, the pain is more pronounced. 

Just place the laser "hood" to your points of pain and then wait for the timer to finish. No need to move it around or to press harder. How easy can this get? 

If you were to ask me, I wish it has an option wherein there is a vibrating sensation. There are some who likes that vibrating effect whenever they use this kind of device, while some may prefer the silent ones.  

is b-cure laser right for you?

If you are one who is afraid of surgery - I mean the surgery itself, the effects and most importantly the damage it will definitely make in your bank account. I highly believe this is a natural alternative treatment for people like me who can't afford expensive therapy sessions with a chiropractor. 

B-Cure is targeted for people suffering from acute and long term pain  rheumatism in the knees, elbow, neck, lower back, upper back, ankle, fingers, fibromyalgia, orthopaedic problems such as osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, muscle pain, sprains, and tendonitis and sores/wounds that are hard to cure including diabetic sores, burns, acne, herpes, simplex.  

how long does the healing take?

Little and often is the key to healing.  I use this device morning and night religiously.  Since every patient is different we must also be responsible to know that results will vary - age, lifestyle, etc will be major factors as well. If I felt relief and comfort after 6 days, that doesn't mean you'll do too. Yours might take longer especially considering your line of work - are you a typist or a cook? If your job engages in doing a lot of finger/hand action the whole day, then you should be ready to invest in extra patience.

is the b-cure laser worth my money?

One device of this B-Cure costs S$999.70 (inclusive of GST). This amount is reasonable because it's value for money compared to weekly visit to the doctor, medicines - some doctors will even ask you to take maintenance pills just to alleviate the pain. But then after a few hours, the pain is back right? So if the pain attacks, just grab this device anytime of the day. I don't even need to schedule another appointment neither bring a bag home of pain killers. So are we talking about long-term here? Definitely! This is meant to be used for at least 10 years. 

Again with B-Cure you will get the following:

The device itselt, rechargeable batteries, charger, user instruction booklet, telephone guidance and 1-year warranty. There is a B-Cure ergonomic stand that can be bought separately.  

safety first

If you have any hesitations, do consult a professional doctor please.  Most importantly if you have medical conditions or expecting (pregnant*) or if you are currently under any therapy. To avoid conflict, it still is best to seek a medical advice. Do note that these laser beams are not to be pointed directly to one's eyes.

try first before you buy

GOOD NEWS guys! B-Cure Laser will be having a roadshow  at the Mount Alvernia Retail Pharmacy from 13 Nov to 18 Nov 2017. 

What do we expect from roadshows? Of course, promotions aside from you having to try the product first. No obligations at all. You get to try the B-Cure first and see how you feel about the product.

Watch out for the promotional launch price & a free stand/holder with an additional 1 year warranty to go with your purchase. 

This will make a great gift for your parents too this holiday season, woohoo!

can't make it to the roadshow?

Online shopping to the rescue! It's available at these 2 shopping portals:
Lazada Singapore 
Big Box Singapore Pte Ltd @ 1 Venture Avenue | Singapore 608521, Level 1 Silver Box 

Thanks for looking 

DISCLOSURE:  This post featured product  & services provided to the author for her consideration.All opinions expressed are her own honest, unbiased, non-sugarcoated reviews. All images are the property of wickeRmoss unless stated otherwise.. Use of these images without any consent is prohibited.

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