[EATS] REVIEW: WILD HONEY Cafe/Restaurant @ Scotts

Funny but I never had the luck of dining at  wild honey cafe/restaurant at Mandarin Gallery. Not even once! I'm not sure why but everytime we wanted to eat there, the amount of queue is unbearable. So we opted to go to their Scotts Square branch instead. We went on a usual weekday as I'm not really eyeing their brunch. We actually just wanted to chill so I thought of why not go here as they have an outdoor verandah overlooking the busy streets of Scott's & Orchard Roads. One of my friends mentioned it was quite pricey and the food is nothing special but still I wanted to find it out for myself.

Wild Honey is known for its all day beautiful breakfasts but I skipped that. This is what we've ordered instead:

curly kale caesar [$24]
poached egg, crispy prosciutto, white anchovies, shaved parmesan, dried cranberries, pine nuts, garlic brioche croutons, crispy sweet potato ribbons and anchovy lemon dressing

brittany [$20]
panettone french toast stacked with baby bananas, salted caramel mascarpone, toffee'd hazelnuts, salted caramel sauce

steak sandwich [$29]
1824 Australian Sirloin (150g),baked portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, arugula leaves & Dijon mustard cream on grilled ciabatta

I'm a caesar-freak so this didn't escape my clutches. A kale twist to the classic caesar?  It was surprisingly good and filling! The crispy potato ribbons were not overly sweet, plainly addicting. Can they sell this in like sealed potato chip bags or something? I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Oh, Brittany you totally broke my heart. You started off really delish but it turned out to be too sweet upon my next bite, and the next and the next. I'm not sure if it was made fresh but the toasts seemed to be left in the counter top for long. Was it prepared ahead of time or what?! That's why they always ask if the desserts are to be served later right? The only thing nice on this plate is perhaps the hazelnuts. The salted caramel sauce & mascarpone were all meh.

The steak sandwich was devoured by E. I had a few bites and I think I even prefer Subway's Philly Steak Sandwich.  Err, the meat wasn't even juicy enough? For the price, that's the main selling point of this sandwich right? I liked the nice, crackly, toasted crust of the ciabatta tho.  

I forgot what's that drink called, Milkshake whatever. LOL. It's that forgettable. It's super sweet OMG. 

nitty gritty

I love their interior by the way but somehow it lacks depth to it. The place is not that warm and relaxing inside, the arrangement of the dining tables were off, they seemed to be like wasting a lot of useful space here. Not recommended if you're bringing out a date. Gotta try to avoid this place if I were you.

The alfresco area is much better IMO, although the space is very limited. I don't think I'll be back here anytime soon plus their prices are really way too expensive. I can actually spend that much on a good breakfast buffet in a 3-4* star hotel and be satisfied after my meal. 

Scotts Square #03-01 6 Scotts Road Singapore
Nearest Mrt: Orchard

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