THE HEALTHY HOUSE: Giving You The Freedom To Be Fit

The Healthy House : Giving You The Freedom To Be Fit

whenever i see a diet delivery spread, i always look at it nonplussed. 

with the stress it gives on calorie counting, it makes me wanna think that aside from birthdate, weight is soon to be reflected on my passport. 

can you just imagine countries having not just visa but weight requirements too? 

ain't happening.

When diet delivery services evaded the health and fitness world, it sounded like an ill-fitting shoe for yours truly. I am one who just cannot manage to squeeze in a regular workout - what more, do cautious grocery shopping.

So when I had the opportunity to try out The Healthy House  (Philippines), told myself why not jolly well engage to a diet delivery service? Sure, diet delivery services are everywhere but what makes a modern day meals on wheels different from the others?   If you are still exploring different avenues to shave off unwanted fat and calories, it's time to pay your attention to THE HEALTHY HOUSE. 

I've come to know Actor/Commercial Model/Entrepreneur Victor Silayan, being the COO and a founding member; Victor is very much hands-on. In fact, he always sees to it that he gets daily updates from me when I tried The Healthy House. He is also a very down-to-earth guy, approachable, open-minded and has a lot of future plans set for the business. Surprisingly, he is actually the one who designed their impressive menu list.

Trivia:  The Healthy House has been featured on KRIS TV. Guesting was done with Victor Silayan (in blue)  and Chef Jose Gaerlan. Even guest co-host and actress Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi commented: "Alam mo sa sobrang sarap, gusto mong mag-take 2!" (pic credit to ABS-CBN*)

At The Healthy House, they focus not only on losing weight but more on nutrition - so it surpasses the calorie counting. They have a dedicated team of nutritionists that give you all the nourishment you need for you to feel exceptional and exactly the right proportions to help you trim those calories off.  

Behind The Healthy House is a group of professional men who are involved with different fields but united with a passion of helping people to gain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Professional football player, Pinoy Big Brother Grand Winner Daniel Matsunaga is one of its founding members, and The Healthy House also cater to sports buff enthusiasts out there. As you know these type of people actually do not have time to sort out their nutritional body requirements, but The Healthy House can devise a diet plan for you, called Lean and Mean Program for Men. 

The Healthy House is being ran by Matsunaga, Silayan and CEO Gerard Sison, along with Phil. Azkal's former team captain Ally Borromeo and more.  Most of them are athletes and they have a 100% success rate for those people wanting to lose weight. A week trial costs about PHP5k (PHP1,000 per day).

At The Healthy House they do things differently. How? By allowing their customers to choose daily from a well-designed international menu. They have tailored diet programs as well, just feel free to make an inquiry (details at the end of this post*). Now, isn't that having the freedom to be fit?

As for my experience with The Healthy House, they initially gathered a few information with regards to my fitness goals, daily lifestyle activities, allergies and the whatnot

From there, I have mentioned that my main focus is to drop my cholesterol intake as my blood pressure is a bit haywire lately. From there, they have devised a nutritional plan for me and of course, the meals were delivered to my doorstep every night; and not once that the delivery guy was late. In that case I was able to plan my schedule on what time I should reach home and have the items personally checked upon each delivery. 

Their dishes tasted uniquely wonderful and there was no bitin factor. I would not want to bore you so I will highlight the menu and the particular dishes that in my opinion is truly a must-try. 

Breakfast is always my fave part of the day; as they say eat like a monster in the morning! At The Healthy House, expect servings of fruits in a cup, approx 40cal each. It's your daily vitamin boost!

The Healthy House Breakfast Granola
Their version of the traditional granola, roasted with a variety of seeds, nuts and raisins. Served with yogurt and fruits to balance the sweet and caramelized flavor of the granola.

Truly a hearty sweet treat in the morning; the crunchy caramelized granola drenched with yogurt makes me wish I could stop the day and just curl up in bed with this in hand.

The Five Spice Chicken Wrap 
Chicken marinated in The Healthy House own mixture of spices, wrapped in whole tortilla wheat (349.5cal)

A savoury treat rolled up by The Healthy House! It's perfect for breakfast as it deemed fit for a very speedy yet relax meal. However, it was not spicy at all which I find good as eating spicy food in the morning for me is a bit cloying and well, my tummy just cannot take spices in the early morning. 

There is a certain authentic flavor in this dish, it can be considered as the sweet spot of their breakfast line. The chicken meat and veggies had a very balanced taste.

The Healthy House diet delivery meal is comprised mainly of 2 fruit cups; 1 Breakfast; 1 Lunch; 1 Dinner; 1 Salad. I know what you just asked, "Any desserts?" Currently, fruit cups are considered to be their desserts, but if you are looking for the actual sweet type of desserts, it's being worked on by the team so stay tuned for more updates and launches in the future.

A rich and flavourful Thai classic. Made with a combination of sweet coconut milk and a blend of traditional Thai spices. Served with brown rice. (420cal)

I was more particular with the veggies rather than the meat and they did not disappoint. They were crunchy after it was even reheated. This dish was beautifully embraced with that flavourful curry sauce.

A delicious combination of dark and savory beef with a mixture of crunchy and colorful vegetables. Accompanied by a perfectly balanced dressing of Asian flavors. (163cal)

Consume this chilled please. It is so refreshing and filling (with less than 200cal!) Beef is well-seasoned and I must say, of good quality. Such an appetizing feast for the eyes and I dug into this once I opened the container. Perfect on a hot summer day even for a light lunch.

Sweet-savory flavoured chicken, lightly charred and meat is tender as well. 
Simple protein - check.

Wafu dressing, literally "Japanese-style dressing" is a vinaigrette-type salad dressing based on soy sauce, popular in Japan. The standard wafu dressing consists of a mixture of Japanese soy sauce, rice vinegar and vegetable oil.

The usual Wafu Salad is salty, sour and oily. But this one was nicely blended, woke up my taste buds with the right acidity, not too oily  - love it!

Sweet Lapu-Lapu flavoured with herbs and spices. The fish meat is averagely thick, there was a nice blend of all the spices and herbs being used in this dish, making the flavor tangy. (225cal)

Earthy, tarty and sweet (237cal) This healthy grain of  salad got an exciting texture from the crunchy veggies; definitely a delicious dose of nutrients. Fresh, bursting with flavor and very filling.

Sweet Hainanese Chicken poached in a rich and flavourful stock. (372cal)

A Singaporean favorite and the star of the Chinese Fusion Menu. I have been admiring this dish while living in Singapore for years. Looks simple but it takes a lot of skills to do it the real Singaporean way. As you know, chicken being poached is quite healthy and I was not expecting too much from this dish. But I was amused at how their chicken blends very well with the sauces provided. The chicken meat was cooked beautifully, an overall subtle and tasty dish.


Aesthetics wise,  The Healthy House wins it.

Be assured that their food are delicious and shifting to the Healthy House program will be an evident step you've made in your overall lifestyle. If you are one who continues to pile on pounds, who says you have to give up the food you love? Losing weight isn't about starving yourself, facts is-it's a way of life. So why can you not shed off that 20 pounds you say? Hey, thing is- you actually can. Just be aware of your calorie intake and have your body consistently have the proper nutrition.  

To change your weight,  you must first change your mindset. It is definitely not something I can put into words, but once you get the right attitude, success is at reach. The Healthy House is always ready to be with you on this journey, giving you the right support and discover a better you- healthier and happier.

+63 917 311 4337
Mezzanine Floor, Makati Creekside Mall, Armorsolo St Corner V.A. Rufino St.

Thanks for looking 

DISCLAIMER: This post is part of a diet delivery sampling for media feature purposes. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are her own and remain 100% uninfluenced.All images are the property of wickeRmoss. Use of these images without any consent is prohibited. 
The Healthy House : Giving You The Freedom To Be Fit


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