Korres Zea Mays Blush in Peach #18 Peach

it's just satisfying to see the wind swept over the cornfield, you can smell the husk, the ripeness awaits. Corn on the cobs are better when it's hot, dripping with butter & a dash of salt. 

It's always worth it - the flossing of my teeth afterwards.

I've always wanted to try the Greek brand, KORRES. They offer products with natural ingredients & the simplest of all names. Take mine for instance - the blush in Peach. Zea Mays is corn + starch = Korres Zea Mays Blushes.

0.24OZ 7g

product is good to use 36months after opening*


Isn't it such a generously-sized blush? The square compact really makes it so sleek plus the rose gold/bronzed color then sprinkled with fine gold sparkles - in love! If you're the utilitarian type then the more you'll love this. 

The compact is easy to open, very crisp and smooth. 

the athens label there makes it so legit greek.

This one is a straight up muted peach, adds just enough of cheek color, luminous with a slight hint of shimmer to them. Smooth, velvety yes- really pigmented when swatched but upon transfer to the skin it's like saturated and I mean a whole lot. That's why it's best for that natural look. It's easily to build but if you're one who wants that full-glow-on-with-blush-on-mah-cheeks look, this isn't for you. I'm pretty sure it won't work as much if you have a warmer or tanned complexion as the shade of peach will be very hard to work with. 

They remind me of a few Elizabeth Arden blushes, squarish, thick, simple. No brush comes with it. But then it doesn't really matter as we'll use a specific or much better blush brush most of the time, unless of course you're outside and want to touch up then those brushes may really come in handy. 

Since it has cornstarch, it lives up to its finely milled texture, very velvety to the touch! I'm seeing cobs on a different perspective since then 🌽 I'm a sucker for functional mirrors rather than those with impotent brushes. And so i thought, cornstarch is only good for chopsuey hah!

Just look at that box, with the calligraphy work and all. So pretty! This one is a keeper. 

as per korres website

Velvety blush with Zea Mays powder particles, for a luminous effect and a smooth and even finish.

zea mays

Corn is a valuable raw material for a number of industries; its kernels are used to produce starch, alcohol and sweet syrup. The dry stigmas of female corn flowers, known as “silk”, are used in phytotherapy, while the beauty industry makes regular use of corn flour and corn oil due to their nourishing and moisturising properties. This is why they are a common ingredient in many cosmetic formulas for dry and dehydrated skin types, while corn flour is also a first class ingredient in make- up products that offer radiance without irritating the skin. Corn (also known Ζea mays), a grain, sacred to Native American Indians, and one that played a significant role in the development and growth of the ancient civilizations of Central and North America, was first domesticated and cultivated almost 9,000 years ago, on the Mexican Plateau. It arrived in Europe after the “discovery” of the American continent and quickly spread to many European countries after the mid 16th century. Back then, however, its cobs were much smaller and harder that the ones we eat today and were mainly used as livestock forage.

  • With a silky texture that glides on skin effortlessly
  • Formulated with corn starch powder particles to illuminate skin
  • Gives a smooth, natural & long-lasting finish
  • Dermatologically-tested, free of mineral oil, propylene glycol or ethanolamine

overall thoughts

I love that it melds into my skin, giving it a soft glow that's perfectly natural - in short, for that flushed face or for that just pinched look. I prefer to use it with a stippling brush. ❤️
I've used it in this pic, it's one of my go-to blush whenever I'm in a zombie-mode! It's kinda dark inside the Marina Bay Sands Theatre but I'm glad the just pinched effect can still be seen in this shot and I don't look so 'dead' beside SHREK's Lord Farquaad after all. [evil laugh]


 Have you tried any Korres blush before?

Thanks for looking 

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Korres Zea Mays Blush in Peach #18 Peach


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