Review: CHANEL Precision Eyelash Curler: TOP 10 Reasons Why I Love It ♡

Review: CHANEL Eyelash Precision Curler. TOP 10 Reasons Why I Love It.

Every eyelash that falls out is a bother to me. Like losing my precious dog who licked that expired carton of milk under my kitchen table. 

You wouldn't want to be in my shoes. 

I loathe wearing falsies as it sting my eyes- for the life of me, I just dunno why. 

Ain't sure if it was the glue I use, the falsie itself - or my eyes just dread it.

For even mascaras, I can't seem to befriend a lot. The moment I wiggle that brush, I can feel this certain stinging sensation, like deep pools of invisible fire- then I'd tear up. Lots and lots of it. FML.

Anyway, one of the safest tools my peepers can tolerate is an eyelash curler. I'd consider myself lucky at that. #iforgotthatfeeling

I was so loyal to my Shu Uemura eyelash curler that I ignored other brands and it has been a year that I've been loving this Chanel Recourbe Cils de Chanel Precision Eyelash Curler. That is a mouthful alright. I believe this is made in Japan.

Shu Uemura is an excellent one and no doubt that it has a cult following. I still use mine from time to time but found myself stuck to this handsome guy. We're going out for about a year now. 

Don't tell my husband.

I love its color, carbon black with a lacquer finish. Tho I'd be on my knees if these were made matte. 

Mind you, I even buy those random ones being sold in Hortaleza stores when I was young- yup those pastel-coloured ones which looked really pretty inside your makeup pouch.  Well, for a woman like me, curling one's lashes is essential. They say it only takes about 3 tries to get that perfect curl. Regardless how many, to me the most vital part is that never ever put mascara then curl your lashes afterwards. Some people I know even use the heated method, talkin' bout those poor lashes. 

Chanel Precision Eyelash Curler

Ten Thoughts

I'll tell you why I like it and my title says, 10 reasons so let's start counting.

  • Shape Never bit me, yet - doesn't pinch and pull!  I do not see my lashes turn into different kinds of alphabet every morning. You know how other curlers give that L or V odd looking shapes?! Heck, some even bump into my brow bone!
  • Spongy Pad - soft and really feels comfortable with that high-quality silicone 
  • Spring Load - the tension of this one is crazy good. I don't need to squeeze the life out of my lashes
  • Mechanism/Ergonomically Designed - Easy to manoeuvre; my fingers fit just right; no awkward hand-angles
  • Tolerance - It's one curler that condone my lashes, meaning it holds up the curl even if I do not apply any mascara. 
  • Length & Curve Ratio - I just noticed that those curlers that are too rounded fail to give that certain lift to the lashes, but this one is not. You can get the curler close enough to the lashes without any discomfort; I also noticed that this has a slightly deeper curve than Shu. 
  • Crease-Free - and ahh, yes - subtle curl, it is.  A curl & go weapon especially if time is not on my side in the morning. It also gives a strong base for those who wanted to pile up on their mascaras.
  • Finish - The sleek black lacquer finish is a bonus. It's so elegant looking. Silver-coloured ones are still a yes for me too but those with bling, pink handles and swarovski - maybe I'll pass. The color makes it more luxurious in my opinion. It feels good seeing that luxe logo everytime I'd use it, hah!
  • Lightweight & Ease of Use -  Pump a lil and it's all perky. I mean, the lashes - #whosnaughty 
  • Consistency - the bounce and elasticity remains stable even after a year of use. I'm floored. 

I wish . . .
  • that this was made in full matte finish - that's just me
  • that refill pads are sold separately!

For $38, this is a legit value for money and i consider an investment. It's a daily tool, a very useful one at that. Just funny how big the box is noh?


Thanks for looking

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Review: CHANEL Eyelash Precision Curler. TOP 10 Reasons Why I Love It.







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