NAILS TALK: Once Upon A Panic Buy. IN2IT Nail Colour Remover.

Once Upon A Panic Buy: IN2IT Nail Colour Remover

During a trip to Kota Kinabalu, I had to attend this awarding ceremony on the very last day or leg of the race; and the last thing I wanted were chipped nail polish. I left Manila with nicely done manicured tips but with all the water sports activities and the whatnot of the challenging trip, my nails were horrendous. I can't stand the thought of shaking hands with the Tourism Board Members with my Gollum nails eh?!

So prior to the event, I pan!cd out  rushed off to find a drugstore that sell any nail polish remover.
Thank heavens for Watsons Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

And my eyes gleamed when I saw this .
No second thoughts, I purchased it in an instant.

Never imagined IN2IT has a nail polish remover. I was actually eyeing the smallest WATSONS housebrand bottle since I only needed a small amount to remove the rest of my chipped nail polish. Eh, what am I talking? All my fingernails needed some serious cleaning hahah! Anyway, the best I can do was to remove the chipped nail polish and everything would turn out fine. 

But hey the bottle was pretty, pink and with floral design. Sorry, the bottle in the pic above was almost unrecognizable I know hehe! I dunno what happened but when I took it out of the storage it was already like that; also a bit sticky already #yikes

Anyway, the scent was mild, smells pretty good actually. The light floral fragrance stays on the fingertips as well. Stripped off the pesky nail polish without drying it. You need just a tad bit of scrubbing. It does not remove the colour in one sweep. Quick but not in one sweep if you get what I mean. Like many other nail polish remover , this one comes without a pump dispenser. You may have to battle with the lid as it's a twist open plastic bottle, but hey it is much better than a glass one! It has a stopper so yes? Plus it did not spill at all when I had it recklessly packed inside my luggage upon returning home to Singapore. 

The only thing am not sure is if it is acetone-free? If you intend to use this to remove glitter polish, you might have to work double time for that. 

Anyone tried this brand before?
Thanks for reading

Once Upon A Panic Buy: IN2IT Nail Colour Remover







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