REVIEW: ORIGINS Plantscription Anti-Aging Treatment Lotion [Skincare Cheat Series]

I cheated on my skincare regime during the last quarter of 2012.

I was itching to try new toners, moisturizers and serums especially!
Lemme share one product I tried and it's from ORIGINS.

I believe ORIGINS has launched its PLANTSCRIPTION range last August of 2012. Plantscription is claimed to be the natural alternative to a leading anti-wrinkle prescription. I heard that the name Plantscription is actually derived from the word plant and prescription.

Enriched with Annogeissus (claimed to be nature’s #1 wrinkle reducer) the Plantscription range addresses the 4 key signs of aging – reduces lines & wrinkles, lifts, firms and smoothens the skin.

Anogeissus [a tree bark extract from West Africa], is claimed to have an excellent ability to protect collagen and help boost skin’s natural production levels of a glycoprotein called fibrillin. This resulted in a firmer and more resilient, youthful-looking complexion.


Powered by Anogeissus and enriched with Jasmine Flowers, Caffeine and Aloe Leaf, this lightweight, moisture-rich treatment lotion has a milky texture that penetrates skin on contact to deliver softening and conditioning benefits, much like a skin cream. 

Smooth texture and a youthful radiance are restored and skin is prepped to received the optimum anti-aging benefits from the Plantscription treatments that will follow.

  • Performance Wise: Ahhhh, you know how much I love milky stuff eh? This is like feeding your skin with milk.. only that it's to0o0o liquidy and has this certain scent which I coud describe as "leafy"..if that makes sense? haha. Gives me a soothing sensation and feels that my skin was somehow balanced after application. However after 2-3 weeks of use, I did not notice any difference or improvement on my skin. It seemed like it has turned my skin dull and strips my skin dry. There was also a slight discomfort and itching, ugh. I hate it. No, what I mean is... I hate to stop using this. I like the milky texture but am left with no choice but to stop, stop, STOP. 
  • Price: SGD62 for a 150ml bottle
  • PackagingComes in a plastic moss green (slightly see-through) bottle with that pretty gold doorknob cap. 

Those with normal to dry skin would love this toner/lotion as it really gives that soothing and calming effect on the skin. But if you expect something like deep skin renewal, give this a pass. Which reminds me that..hey, this is supposed to be an anti-aging toner right? GAH.

As for the side effects? That's what you have to be ready for. I am not sure if the irritation I felt after a few weeks of usage means something (well, can't really be bothered) but I can say this is still an OK toner. If you have surpassed a month of using this without any itch or discomfort, then lucky you.

Did I say too liquidy??
For a millisecond it dropped even before I managed to get a shot hehe.







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