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Lez rewind a bit shall we?

An Anchor. 
THENTina Monzon-Palma, Angelo Castro, Harry Gasser, Loren Legarda.
NOW: Korina Sanchez. Ces Drilon. 
Mel Tiangco.

Broadcast veteran Carmela Mel Tiangco may come across as stern to those who don’t know her personally but was I glad to see another Mel Tiangco's side when I got to interview her at the Presscon of the GMA Kapuso Foundation Celebrity UkayUkay Launch held at the GMA Network Conference Studio.

Carmela Mel Tiangco is also the EVP/COO of the GMA Kapuso Foundation Inc. “on a voluntary basis.” She admitted, albeit reluctantly, that the Kapuso Foundation takes most of her time, energy, stress, tension and fulfilment in one.
Her voluntary stint at the Kapuso Foundation, gives the modern television icon the chance to see the world, feel the pain and explore the psyche of people who are victims of unfortunate events. Back in 1997, Mel cheated death when she suffered a massive heart attack and had to undergo angioplasty. She lost a huge amount of blood during the operation and needed 12 bags of blood to save her. Fortunately, she came out of it fully-recovered. This led to a lifetime belief that she was spared because she still had a mission left to fulfill. Since then, helping out our countrymen has been her way of "paying it forward."

She was still emotional then when asked about the real score of her TV show Mel & Joey. Show was not cancelled, but rather retired by the GMA Network. She felt she just lost a home and a family but was hopeful for newer beginnings. It was a breeze chatting with her. She's still the very outspoken and opinionated Mel Tiangco I knew.

As we wanted to break away from serious matters even for a little while, we shifted asking about her views on fashion. In other words, How is a  Mel Tiangco as a Fashionista?

“As far as fashion is concerned, I feel that there is more rapport with your audience, you are more reachable. If the televiewer thinks that you’re a real person, then they’ll say ‘You’re one of us. You’re not on a pedestal.’ So dress like that! If someone were to ask me then, I would dress with that purpose in mind, that the ones watching me would appreciate my clothes."

See my floral red pearl necklace c/o Jellybean?

Said she liked it ,so it's hers now 


Fashion woes?
There was a time that she wore blazers almost everyday.  She got tired of the corporate look and realized later on that she could still look credible without looking boring and predictable.

Although she still wears blazers occasionally, Mel has broadened her wardrobe as news anchor, to include semi-fitted blouses paired with even open-toed shoes.

Fashion or designer jewellery?
Most of her time is spent as EVP / COO of Kapuso Foundation and she highly thinks that it would be insensitive for her to wear expensive jewelry whether on- or off-camera.

Newsroom staples?
A-line or pencil skirts;women's trousers in various colours and style. She wanted to try out maxi skirts too.

Branded Items? 
She says she always go for the total look, not necessarily relying on fashion designer pieces.

Colour she bets on?
She is not an all-black person and in her most comfortable when she wears red and white.

Fashion Style?
"Anything I fell like wearing! It depends on my mood, sometimes I want to dress glamorous. 
I love wearing jeans, rubber shoes and t-shirts."

She loves anything red and white. I love her already as we both adoro RED!

"Simple lang ako eh." - Mel Tiangco

“You don’t have to be beautiful,” she says. “You just need to look presentable.”

Watch how down to earth Mel Tiangco is. Fashion-wise? You be the judge.







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