GIVEAWAY: Urban Decay Naked Palette Up for Grabs!

First off, thanks for all the Naked Views expressed here. I do not want to drag this any longer. I, too was also surprised that some sent e-mails for me to hear them out. I would like you all to know that I read every comment, +/-. For the simple reason that I do not judge. I am an open-minded individual. I also replied to each comment that you send...yes, no matter how busy I claim to be. I don't even believe in the word busy! So if you have preferred to let me hear your concerns by sending me an e-mail, that's no problemo. Just click on the Contact Me button  side bar and you're all good!

FYI All the things you read on this site are all my honest views and opinions. The one thing I despise on earth are the most pretentious people around so if you cannot stand reading this site, you can very well close your browser and shift to the next. Thank you.

This will be a contest and not a giveaway. Read on on how to enter:

I. Be a follower/liker/subscriber of wickeRmoss: [Mandatory]

  1. GFC- * blog namesv&vGFC names don't always match, so it's a pain in the butt to figure all this out manually. Include your blog URL please. 
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook Page
  4. YouTube Channel
II. Simply answer the ff questions:

1. Tell me why did you decide to follow me via GFC/Twitter or even liked my FB page. You can also consider my YT channel, but since as I have deleted the old Geishcharles' channel, I won't be taking too much consideration on that.

2. State your favorite blog post and why.

3. Any sensible topic you want me to blog about in the future?


1. Create your own look entitled:  "I want to get Naked" by wickeRmoss
You can use any palette, not necessarily Urban Decay. You can do some researching on this product. I believe if one really wants something, that is just right to at least do some info hunting on that as well...else, in the end the item goes into the bunk. Let's give the others a fair chance too.

2. If you are not into make-up, you can opt for a fashion look inspired by this Urban Decay palette..or make a blog post-response to any of my wickermoss weardrobe series. 

Whatever it is, create whatever look you feel like doing as long as you can connect it with my site. Just don't forget to send me specific links so that it'd be easier to back track okay?

You can do your own pluG.
  1. Re-blog. You're free to put this on your sidebar with the link as well.
  2. Re-tweet. 
  3. Re-post / Share on your Facebook accounts.

V. Contest runs from 20th July 2011 . Ends on 17th Aug 2011. 

e-mail me your entry OR leave a comment on the down bar.

Sample entry:
  1. GFC follower: Siobhan . Blog URL:
  2. Twitter :
  3. Facebook Page :
  4. YouTube Channel :
1. I decided to follow your blog because ________________________________. 
2. My favorite blog post is (put link here) because _________________________________.
3. I would like to read more about________________________________________________.

I created a blog post response to your  (put my link here). Check my blog post (put your link here)!

PLUG: Let's get this Naked once and for all!
  1. Re-blogged here: (put your blog post link here) Placed this on my sidebar (put your link here)
  2. Re-tweet done: (put your twitter status link here)
  3. Shared on my Facebook Wall: (put your Facebook post link here)

V. It's my father's birthday on the 17th of Aug 2011. I'm offering this to him who is now in heaven with our Mighty Creator. This is only my way of saying thank you to all my followers-by-

I will choose the best entry. That's it! Thanks in advance to those who will join!

Terms and conditions

Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice. I will contact the winner once I announce it, after which winner will be given one week to reply. Failure to reply means a forfeited prize. I may have then to select the next winning entry.







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