BRAGG Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Review

bragg. i know you're bottled with confidence but it gives me no pleasure to savour your sour taste. teach me ways to love you?

My mom has learnt to use this BRAGG Apple Cider Vinegar for cooking and I was surprised that she's also taking it orally. I'm pretty sure we all know the cleansing or even healing benefits of this ACV so I won't be wasting time to feed you what you've probably have digested for quite a long time now.

My friend told me to strictly use this brand - Bragg. Nothing else. It's the only legit, raw, organic, unpasteurized, unfiltered, undistilled apple cider vinegar and contains that "MOTHER OF VINEGAR"  that is safe to use. Kosher certified with accordance to the USDA Guidelines - how verified is that? Beats me. But I do trust her so gotta get that BRAGG. That 'mother' floating at the bottom of the bottle is the culprit that contains the active ingredients to boost ones health & metabolism. It bothers  me tho -they look like floating dandruff to me. 

I've purchased mine from UNITY Pharmacy Singapore,  I think it's about $7-$8 per 16oz/473 ml.

So what's in this post btw?

I've tried using this BRAGG APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in 3 ways.

1. As an Astringent/Toner

2. For DETOX

3. For Treatment of UTI

Let me tell you, #1 and #2 was tested but then #3? Forget it. Cge na, you can call me maarte but I am one who cannot tahan or tolerate the ACV. Everytime I burp, I have this urge to puke LOL! 3 sips of ACV in the morning and it somehow stays in my mouth for the entire day! No idea but it was like that for me. Hindi sya makuha sa maraming mumog hahah! Ayaw maalis nung maasim factor sa bibig ko, ewan basta ganun!

When I apply it on my face, the more I wanna hug the toilet bowl afterwards and tumawag ng UWAK. You know, UWAAAAAK? Meaning - sumuka ng bonggang-bonggah! During the application the smell actually doesn't bother me that much but after a while it becomes really strong & offensive that I had to wash my face all over again just cause I can't put myself to sleep with the scent.  

Eh yung matutulog ka na nga lang pero feeling mo may nagluluto ng adobo sa mukha mo? Literally, LOL. 

Some says that you just have to apply it on your face and let it sit for about 10 minutes then rinse afterwards. Some recommend to wash your face the next morning. 

I tried to use it as a toner for about 3 days. I've mixed a 50/50 solution. Please do not be cray to apply it full strength on your face as the ACV can burn your skin. I did not perform any skin allregy test as well. Lazy lah!

I've transferred the solution into a pump type bottle. One pump to moisten my cotton ball then gently pat on my face. I never sweep. 

The third day I was noticing some small bumps on my skin and before it gets worse, I just had to stop it. There's no way I'm gonna go on and continue applying that. 

With regards to detox, I mix this ACV with distilled water and 1/4 teaspoon of Manuka Honey every morning. My tummy didn't like it, the more I had acid reflux! 

So detox and toner failed. As you know, I love to eat chips, salty stuff and have been excessively taking TEA in which I happen to get UTI from time to time. Aside from quitting tea, my good friend Becca of TheLateBloomer11 recommended for me to try the ACV, but this time the flavoured variety that comes in Gatorade-like bottles. Even before she mentioned it to me, I already have a few bottles sitting inside my fridge and one day I tried drinking it again. Will talk about that on another post  ❤️

Have you tried ACV on your face? How was it? Some swear by this product and I wanna know your experience!!

Thanks for looking 

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BRAGG Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Review


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