GHOST The Musical Brings Forth The Classic Love Story with Indulgent Magical Illusions On Stage [Media Preview]

Review: GHOST The Musical Brings Forth The Classic Love Story with Indulgent Magical Illusions On Stage

Ouh, my love, my dah-ling ~~

I love the 1990's film GHOST starred by Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg. It's graphic, romantic, dark and stellar acting from the cast. So when I heard about its musical production, I was like "WHUUTTT..ermm, for real?"

And yes, it was.

The musical was shown at the Marina Bay Sands, Mastercard Theater and it did not disappoint.

Bodies, ghosts, the rub-a-dub-dub sexy pottery making scene,  illusions – theatricks galore! So two decades has passed and the story of Sam and Molly continues to bring its audiences to tears with its undying tale of love, loss and romance with that pottery scene. Be it GHOST the movie or the musical, bonus points if you have pulled a ply of tissue or two. 

The original use of multi-media sets and lighting made GHOST The Musical one unforgettable film-to-stage adaptions. One stage, 4 main characters – all successfully pushed the buttons of entertainment in one night. Laughter, tears, romance and thrills, beyond all those is the musical’s ingenuity to summon up “ghosts” and make them believable on stage. Having the same plot as the 90’s hit movie GHOST (Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore), the production triumphed through its cast’ fantabulous singing and acting with a spooky and multidimensional production to boot.
Liam Doyle as Sam Wheat | Lucie Jones as Molly Jensen

Remember when the movie GHOST was a hit way back in 1990? While most people actually had the thrill of rocking  Demi Moore’s pixie cut or the Swayze & Moore’s pottery making scene, shall we give thanks to the Righteous Brothers for the Oh, my love, my darling I've hungered for your touch” serenading in the background ? 

Who else can't stop swooning over this scene?!

This musical production offered more than the magic and that so-called touch. It was cool to see Sam walk (and actually float!) through doors, thanks to the illusionist works! The audience were then left to imagine beyond the technicalities involved in every scene. The second part was even harder to bear, the emotions were getting heavier; like carrying 3 sacks of rice in one go -you want to carry them without spilling a single grain. Why? It’s no joke to deal with a plot that starts off with an overwhelming love then suddenly shifts to torment and pain. For this part, we have to commend the cast for doing a great job. The volatility of the emotions that they have imparted to their audience is notable. The palpable spark was eminent throughout the night that I even heard a few sniffs here and there while the musical is coming to its end.

Sam Wheat, a banker who shies away from love continues to communicate with his fiance Molly Jensen after being ‘actually’ murdered (by his own best friend.)  Lovers separated by death, how does one deal with the songs then? Well, the songs stirred up a lot of memories, they’re relatable especially Molly’s heart-wrenching rendition of “With You.”

The main attraction aside from the digital projections, illusions and lighting tricks is of course the feisty and funny medium, Oda Mae Brown – played by who else Whoopi Goldberg in the film. She ain’t just a comic relief, she knows how to really ‘act’ !  And if you think the use of fog is passe, think again and watch this production in case it hits your country. Anyway, the pottery making scene is here, and that enough makes it really special.

Death is inevitable, straightforward and that’s the truth; what The GHOST, the musical did is refined its texture. Not to fiddle with one’s emotions but it left every audience’s heart an inspiration to believe that love lives on even after it’s gone. 

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Review: GHOST The Musical Brings Forth The Classic Love Story with Indulgent Magical Illusions On Stage


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