BEAUTIQUE: Curiosity & Creations. Surratt, Cowshed, Acca Kappa, etc.

Beautique: Curiosity & Creations.

I love it when a shopping mall has a constructed nook wherein you can just wander and drown in an inspirational bout of indulgence. Curiosity is always a dominating yet beautiful thing when it comes to buying or shopping. Some might just take anything on the shelf, while some will snuck away to scout before swiping their credit cards. If you fall into the latter category, I recommend that you check out Beautique Singapore.

I would not say it's a buy-all-you-can-bliss but if you want to shop for things that kindle your senses in a subtle way, then you need to check this area out. Beautique is a Singapore curator of fine beauty, fragrance, makeup, skincare, body and other lifestyle products that are, if not luxurious- something that goes beyond exceptional. They got an amazing array of products from the curated spread of international/world-known brands. 

I have previously shared a few of the brands found at Beautique; namely Herve Gambs, MOR CosmeticsDeborah Lippmann and Koh Gen Do. Now, welcome the newcomers: Surratt, Cowshed and Acca Kappa. There are more actually but I'd share those 3 first in this post okay? ッ

Surratt Beauty. Celebrity Beauty Guru and former Maybelline New York Global Consulting Makeup Artist Troy Surratt's own makeup line. Well, makeup make women go weak in the knees, need I say more. Expect a humble abode of Surratt beauty at Beautique; but I tell you, Troy's quality of makeup? Like the first time you have tasted Nutella out of a spoon. The taste evokes an instant trip to makeup haven. Glad to have met and interviewed Troy, the Makeup Maestro himself during the launch here

Hot Item to ✔ out: Surratt Autographique Liner (calligraphy pen inspired; tip is made of nylon...(nylon fiber some more!) and not felt; refillable. I swatched it and it nearly made me cry....THIN #word

Cowshed. No cows chudding nor pooping here, aite?ツ  Cowshed is a spa and skincare product line that takes the formulations of their products very seriously; utilizing thoughtful scents to enhance one's mood with indulgent textures and body products that truly make a huge difference. 

Each of their product has a therapeutic benefit; in which the brand is actually known for. They have a fun bunch of products on display, from baby stuff, organic and mann, the scents! (almost lulled me to sleeeP!)

Hot Item to ✔ out: Cowshed Hand Cream (check out the essential oils...e.g. peppermint which means freshness on the go!; they use organic/natural ingredients thus the soothing effect. PSssst, they bagged the Best Hand Cream at the Elle Beauty Awards 2011!

Acca Kappa. Acca Kappa was known for being the top quality maker of hair brushes and accessories (Italy). It was in 1997 that they released their perfume range and most of them are unisex, which I loved! As someone who fancy men fragrances, Acca Kappa knows how to deliver the goods. 

Hot Item to ✔ out: Acca Kappa White Moss Eau de Parfum (crisp, unisex scent, cult favorite!) Even a man going out for a morning jog can wear this, yeap it's that versatile in my opinion. After his run, imagine him in your arms..all sweaty yet sexy and still smelling daaaang good. Now I frikkin' want a bottle, for real. 

Beautique is located at Level 3, Takashimaya . You can also visit their website:

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Beautique Singapore: Curiosity & Creations.


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♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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