REVIEW: 1872 CLIPPER TEA Co: From Buds to Bliss.

 1872 Clipper Tea Co: From Buds to Bliss


Sitting here wasted and wounded 

At this old piano 

Trying hard to capture 
The moment this morning I don't know 
'Cause a bottle of vodka 
Is still lodged in my head 
And some blonde gave me nightmares 
I think that she's still in my bed 
As I dream about movies 
They won't make of me when I'm dead 
With an ironclad fist I wake up and 
French kiss the morning 

Shameless Confession.

I dig Bon Jovi.
But nope,  that ain't the reason why I bought this 1872 Clipper Tea haha!

Call it lame but heck yeah the nautical design was the nail on the coffin.
My knees go weak for anything nautical.
Then suddenly I recall that a few months back, Le Mister gave me a couple of tea bags,
earl grey...if I recall correctly;
and they were just from the same brand.
Earl Grey is actually the only tea that I can tolerate.

Sure tea has that bajillion benefits,
no worries coz am not gonna dissect them here.
But to me, tea is medicinal.
And those tea bags?
They seemed like clanging punching bags  that bring anything but boredom on my table.
Never liked it.
Until I met this.

I've loved the Earl Grey tea the very first time I took a sip
and made me decide to finally get a full sized one.
But when I went to TANGS that day, Earl Grey was out of stock
and then I saw this BED OF ROSES!
For SGD33. it was mind numbing, holy cow.
But then the staff mentioned that the Bed of Roses is more targeted on giving the skin that extra glow and
radiance;plus he assured me that it won't taste herbal at all.

Soothe your soul with this delicate infusion of carefully handpicked rose buds. 
An excellent evening beverage, gently relaxing and naturally caffeine-free. 

Brew :  4-6 Mins

For someone like me who would likely die as a coffee drinker,
starting to drink tea religiously is like seeing Captain America rescue a puppy....
during the Armageddon days.
Daft reasoning isn't it?

Come on , loose leaf tea?
It's not even an appetite-whetting experiment you see.
But when I opened the can,
I saw a flock of pretty pink pods staring at me with grandiosity.
Seeing more of those pink rose buds in my cup?
They erased the grimace on my face.
It's visually enticing.

But then are the pink petals just for aesthetic purposes?
I asked a friend, who digs tea
and told me that pink rose petals are not that harsh enough to counterbalance a blend.
The tea Uncle told me to just pour in hot water in a cup
and add about 3-4 rose buds.
And so I did.
Boy, it sure does have a mellow taste.
The smell was the clincher!
One sniff and it got me hooked.

The rose buds already smell so good;
non-perfume like inside the canister but when
steeped in hot water, they release this nice fresh aroma;
Uhm....similar to a rose candle?
After steeping it's pale translucent green in colour;
almost opaque in appearance.

Taste was soothing and mild; not sweet at all but not to the point of being bland and blah.
I love taking it especially after every meal.
The bloated feeling was lessened a lot!
I also noticed that my menstrual cramps (yes, it's still there) but became minimal.
Apparently, rose petals contain antioxidants that aid in proper digestion and are antidepressant.
Wait, aren't all teas supposed to be like that? #clueless hehe.

This tea is just a perfect pick me up during my frazzled days.
Anyway seeing those pink buds dance around my cup?
It's just enough to bring me to an imaginary garden full of bliss. 

Thanks 1872 Clipper Tea Co. I finally learnt to embrace the enjoyment that a tea can bring. I want to try more of your tea goodness. Hmm. Which one? I am eyeing that Finest Darjeeling and the Cranberry Sunrise! Apple-teani looks awesome too. So many choices!

 Thanks for reading


In case you want to check this brand out, they can be found here:
PasarBella - A Farmers' Market

200 Turf Club Road

#02-06 / #02-K66
Singapore 287994
Operating Hours: 9.30am - 7pm Daily

TANGS Orchard - Basement 1

310 Orchard Road, Singapore 238864

Operating Hours: Mon - Thu, Sat: 10.30am - 9.30pm
Fri: 10:30am - 11:00pm
Sun: 11:00am - 8.30pm

The Canopy Shop @ Gardens by the Bay 

Gardens by the Bay

18 Marina Gardens Drive, 
#03-02, Singapore 018953

Night Safari Village Craft 

Night Safari, 80 Mandai Lake Road

Singapore 729826
Operating Hours: 5.30pm - 12.00am (Daily)

Singapore Botanic Gardens 

1) National Orchid Garden Gift Shop

2) The Garden Shop @ The Visitor Centre
Cluny Road
Singapore 259569

 1872 Clipper Tea Co: From Buds to Bliss


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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