SPINACAS Hearty Salad Delivery: Healthy & Satisfying Meals On Wheels

Spinacas Hearty Salad Delivery: Healthy & Satisfying Meals on Wheels

THE WALKING DEAD RERUN, a stalk of celery in my right hand, a bar of snickers in my left. the body is willing but ze palate is weak.

Someone ding-donged on my door and got these healthy (and meaty!!!) salads delivered! They're from SPINACAS

Jaded of the same old take-out food or just don't have time to do an organic cautious grocery shopping? Bust out your measuring cups in the kitchen and instead whip out your phone, go online and browse Spinacas , a Singapore-based salad delivery service. SPINACAS is changing the takeout and healthy meal game in Singapore. They have reinvented meal rituals in a fast and healthy way. Expect fresh ingredients delivered to your doorstep, tucked safely in a box, ready to be devoured. 

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Founders Phyllis Chua and Ng Wei Lieh tossed salads and healthy ideas since 2014 and have been growing eversince. SPINACAS specializes in hearty salads, healthy food and lunch boxes delivered to your offices and homes. Spinacas – derived from the Spanish name for spinach – believes in making the order to delivery process as simple and convenient for their customers as possible. There are now plans to expand the humble salad delivery service by renting larger premises with a bigger kitchen to cope with the increase in demand.


The salads are big, meaty and flavor packed; perfect for a filling, healthy yet delicious meal. Having tried their salads, it's given that they have tasty and healthy offerings and a user-friendly website to boot. SPINACAS scored major points for the unique taste of their salads!




What started out as a 2-month sabbatical in Spain spun into a healthy salad delivery concept for former architect Phyllis Chua. Inspired by her trip to Europe where she discovered healthy good food as a way of life and was exposed to a variety of fresh whole produce and readily available meats used in the salads, she attempted to recreate the meal experiences back in Singapore but without success. 

“Salads that were nutritious & hearty just didn’t exist. Most of them were too protein-light and carb-heavy, & I would always be hungry by 3pm,’ she remarked. 

It was then that the health and fitness fanatic begin creating her own salads, always adding more meat cooked in flavour-packed mixes. 

She packed some for friends to try and before she knew it, she was making deliveries around town on her red Vespa scooter, and Spinacas, Hearty Salads Delivered, was born. Phyllis continues to cater to the busy working crowd, at the same time growing her brand to the health and fitness community, and listening to what customers want. 

By keeping her salads selective and focused on high quality and hearty protein portions, she makes them go-to options for people on the move. 


Customers first choose their salads and size, then select their delivery date and time, checkout and sit back as Spinacas will call upon arrival at the specified drop-off location!
For single salads or below $30 minimum orders, as well as non-delivery locations, customers can drop by the centrally located commercial kitchen just outside the CBD at Pearl’s Hill Terrace to do a self pick up. 
Spinacas is also also recently signed on with Deliveroo (a food delivery service) as a further option.

Spinacas now offers 3 categories of salads but their flavourful specialty meats cooked in-house remain the focus. All the salads come with a minimum of 100g of meat (regular-sized) and they are served warm and packed separately with the dressing.

The menu remains simple and friendly as customers just select their meat preference and all the toppings are pre-decided. Each box of leaves comes with a fixed base (baby spinach/mesclun and/or romaine lettuce) and 5 to 7 toppings. 

packing process:  All meats are packed separately to maintain maximum freshness; same goes for dressings to keep the greens fresh and crisp.

ease of eating: Pour dressing, toss, then mix in meat. Enjoy!

Customers with special dietary requirements can be accommodated by specifying in the order request. The prices of the salads range from $9 for a Classic Petite Salad to $17 for a Premium Regular Salad and add-ons range from $1 to $3 per helping. 

Orders have to be placed 1 day ahead (up to 2359 the night before) to avoid filled slots. Delivery is available on Mondays to Fridays - lunch from 11am - 1pm and dinner from 5 - 6pm. The minimum order is $30 and delivery charges are $4 or $6 depending on the distance and district.

1. [best seller] Shiraz Braised Beef Cheeks Salad (Premium Salad)- a toothsome perfectly braised beef; meat is super tender.

2. [BEST SELLER] Meat Lover BBQ Pulled Pork Salad (Meat Lover Salad) - slow cooked in a cinnamon stock till meltingly tender, then tossed in a custom made BBQ sauce. Truly with an earthy and savory appeal.

3. Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad (Classic Salad) -marinated in a fiery Middle Eastern spice blend for 12 hours; about as good as those dish served in those fancy restaurants in town. 

4. Cauliflower Rice - made of rice? Not! A carb-free add-on that has a wonderful rice-like texture but doesn’t actually use a single grain of rice. It uses 100% cauliflower florets cut into granules and sauteed with olive oil until light and fluffy. It is tossed with coriander, sesame seeds and cashew nuts to make a lovely and delectable side.

5. Coconut Water - served chilled and refreshing.

Fresh produce & protein check in tact at SPINACAS. They have our backs anytime, so order now and try their healthy offerings!

recommended eats:


#2. cauliflower rice

#1. meat lover bbq pulled pork salad 

S P I N A C A S 
Call / SMS / WhatsApp: +65 9764 8865 Email: wei@spinacas.com. Delivery / Pick-up hours: Monday – Friday, 11am – 1pm, 5pm – 6pm Advance order: Minimum 24 hours ahead. Minimum order: $30 per order (1 location) with delivery charge, either $4 or $6 based on distance and district

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Spinacas Hearty Salad Delivery: Healthy & Satisfying Meals on Wheels


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