Sunday Sampling: Sniffin' Scents from Acca Kappa

Sunday Sampling: Sniffing Some Acca Kappa Scents


Designer Acca Kappa 's known for being the top quality maker of hair brushes and accessories since 1869 (country of origin, Italy). It was in 1997 that they released their perfume range and most of them are unisex - which I loved. 

I spent some sweet time sniffing and sampling a few scents from ACCA KAPPA. Here are my thoughts on them:

Calycanthus Acca Kappa For Women - EDT
A fresh, floral scent created with the unique essence of the Calycanthus flower blended with notes of Jasmine, Orange blossom honey and Musk. Calycanthus is a flowering plant often found in Venetian gardens, the Calycanthus blooms uniquely in the heart of winter. As the flowers bloom, their wonderful fragrance fills the air, hinting of spring's arrival. According to Venetian tradition, to receive a few sprigs of Calycanthus, is to receive a gift of loving care. $55/30ml

Smells of light, creamy and delicate field of flowers; suitable for women of any age in my opinion. This scent is perfect to enjoy on a warm summer night or after a long day at the beach. Really hearty and comforting on the skin.

Virginia Rose Acca Kappa For Women - Eau de Cologne
Launched in 2013, top notes are grapefruit and lemon; middle notes are rose, geranium, lily-of-the-valley and tea leaf; base notes are amber and brazilian rosewood. Queen of the gardens, a symbol of beauty, seduction and charm is found in the exquisitely feminine Virginia Rose collection from Acca Kappa. The delicate rosebuds of fine Moroccan and Turkish roses gently unfold and sensually blend with the sun kissed freshness of lemon from Sicily. This bright and charming arrangement evolves and fades into sensual notes of amber. $100/100ml

Suitable for a quick perk me up during work; erm, like a tonic? While I appreciate the citrus and floral mix, I think it somehow affects the dry down so I don't really recommend for layering. But if you aren't averse to citrusy stuff, you gotta give this one a try.

Blue Lavender Acca Kappa For Women- Eau de Cologne
Top notes are rosemary, pink pepper and incense; middle notes are lavender and violet; base notes are amber, woody notes and white musk.A fresh and delicate fragrance evoking images of fields of blue swaying to the rhythm of a warm summer breeze. Using only the finest quality of essential oils, heart notes of fine French Lavender are blended with aromatic and vibrant notes of Arabian Incense, Wild Mint, Rose, Pepper and Moroccan Rosemary. $100/100ml

I was hoping for a much stronger lavender scent but it didn't give me that enough luster. Reminiscent of a leather notebook however morphs to a casual scent at the end of the day. 

Muschio Bianco Acca Kappa Unisex - Eau de Cologne
An aromatic fragrance for both women and men. White Moss was launched in 1997, top notes are juniper berries, lemon and bergamot; middle notes are lavender, aldehydes and cardamom; base notes are amber, white musk and cedar. Created with great care using precious Lavender and Juniper essential oils. $50/30ml

Also known as the WHITE MOSS, a cult fave.  This is a crisp, unisex scent, if you love musky/woodsy scent like me - this is your guy. Even a man going out for a morning jog can wear this; yes, it's that versatile in my opinion. After his run, imagine him in your arms..all sweaty yet sexy and still smelling darn good. Now I frikkin' want a bottle, for real. 

White Moss stood out for me. Hmm. White Moss for Wickermoss? Can lah!

Acca Kappa is available at Beautique, Level 3, Takashimaya . You can also visit their website:

Thanks for looking

DISCLAIMER: This post featured samples as part of a press kit sent to the author for her consideration.  No form of compensation involved & author not affiliated with the brands/companies mentioned above.   All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are her own and remain 100% uninfluenced.All images are the property of wickeRmoss. Use of these images without any consent is prohibited.

Sunday Sampling: Sniffing Some Acca Kappa Scents


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