REVIEW/EATS: Wanna be the Boss of your Chocolates? Here comes COCOA B!

Whew. La-la-la-love month is here! I smell romance in ze air hehe.

I see malls selling fancy chocolates than the usual..
but what if you get sick of the ordinary chocolates being sold off the shelves?

Here comes Cocoa B to the rescue.

Cocoa B is an online choco-boutique!
What they offer is chocolate customization.
You can choose from white, dark or milk chocolates;
then add up 3-5 toppings
and you're good!

They will deliver it to you...freshly handmade.
Countless creations, countless creativity,
Mix and match for your chocs eh?!
Twas indeed lots of fun navigating through their website.

Aesthetics or taste?
This flummoxed me while I was doing my creations.
If you have a theme in mind, then choosing would be easy;
or in case you are gifting this to a special someone,
then just click the toppings he/she would like.

So what did I come up with?

I chose Dark and White Chocolates as my base.
E wanted a white so I caved in and thought of a design he would love.

Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt
Macadamia Nuts

White Chocolate
Sea Salt
Oreo Pieces

Since I like to tweak and be a rebel 99% of the time;
I added the oreo pieces and marshmallows.
I am not a big fan of both ; but for aesthetics ' sake
I added them in.

Here comes  the White Mountain's Peak.
I named it myself.

When I saw this, it reminded me of an abstract expressionist painting..
at the same time I thought I ordered cookies n cream choco bar haha!
Just look at how they generously sprinkled the bar with my choice of toppings.
I loved how it turned out..the contrast of the white and red..
plus the colour of the apricot made it pretty 'cheery'.

Now meet my another creation....Moonwalk.
Again, I named it myself.
I almost sang Michael Jackson's haunting song, "Scared of the Moon".

The feeling of terror
She felt as a youth
Has turned from a fantasy 
Into a truth
The moon is the enemy
Twisting her soul
And taking its fearful toll
Scared of the moon

As usual I'd put up another post on how this chocs tasted but now you may ask yourself...
Why try or even order from Cocoa B?
If you:

Want to make a clever memory of occasions; in this case even for CNY/ Valentine's Day!
Make an impression to the girl or guy you are eyeing and then perhaps they'd know that you have spent extra effort on knowing what they'd like for in a choco bar;

Are tired of the common choco flavours or even sights you buy from the supermarkets/grocery;

Want that satisfaction every moment you have that bite: 
"Uhm. Yup. Yummy. I made this! I am so good at this" ...chew, bite, swallow, bites again.

Want to eat and make chocolates just the way you like it.
Besides, only you would know how you want your chocolates done right?!
Watch my unboxing here x

Totally love this newest and fun concept by Cocoa B.With the endless possibilities, they would never run out of chocolates to make for everyone.

That means your chocolate is not just the ordinary .
That means your taste is just as unique.

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