When Loathing Lotion Is Not An Option: Body Care Lotions My Skin Can Tolerate During Summer In Manila, Phils. [Innisfree Olive, Nivea Body Milk Cell Repair Protect, Vaseline Cocoa Butter & Silka Papaya]

When Loathing Lotion Is Not An Option: Body Care Lotions My Skin Can Tolerate Using During Summer in Manila, Philippines
[Innisfree Olive, Nivea Body Milk Cell Repair Protect,  Vaseline Cocoa Butter, Silka Whitening  Papaya Lotion]

Oh, Summer -  the way you make me sober is like hitting the highest peak of a ferris wheel when it stops turning. i so wanna scream only to realize my tongue's all buckled up. 

Manila, you're cool and I miss you. Yes, even your downright hot and humid weather.

i kid.

The missing part is authentic but boy, your scorching heat especially during summer is more than flesh and blood can stand.

What does my intro states again?


I want good skin but doesn't want that icky feel of lotion crawling in my skin. Who's guilty?

Recently, I've been travelling more often to Manila and noticed that Singapore weather is almost the same.  The last thing I wanted to use are lotions. Those gooey stuff you slather your skin with that makes you feel like a greasy basted pork BBQ. I totally loathe them that's why I am more of a body oil person. Have you read my body oil review here by the way? 

I will be sharing here a few lotions that my skin was able to tolerate whenever I'm in Manila - especially during the summer days!

so, do we really need to use lotions?

As we age, our skin becomes weaker - it needed to be replenished, be hydrated. This is what a lotion does. It helps skin in drawing in and holding moisture to keep it soft and supple. So if you want to avoid premature wrinkles, start using lotion as early as possible. Besides, we need to protect it from harmful radical, pollution, the sun and the whatnot. So here are a few of my well-loved lotions during my stay in Manila. Summer heat is tolerable with these skin protectors around me. 

nivea body milk extra whitening 
cell repair protect 
[camu camu & acerola cherry]

When it comes to bodycare, NIVEA is a force to reckon with. A foolproof choice, NIVEA needs no introduction. You can even go to the body care aisle of a Watson store and grab any bottle of Nivea lotion - with blindfolds on.  

I always reiterate this when the topic swarms up to anything whitening. I am not into whitening or let's just say it's not my top priority when it comes to skincare. I consider myself lucky that I got good genes, my parents were fair and I don't need to spend moolah chucking in glutathione capsules like they were M&M's. Anyway, it's the cell repair protect that lured me into buying this. Vitamin C, collagen boosting from the acerola and skin brightening from the camu camu? Need. 

quick thoughts

Runny and a tad oily (which is lovely!), faint fragrance, absorbs fast, spreads nicely - like a peanut butter to my jelly. Ain't sure if this works, but my friends tell me I'm getting extra fairer - not that I really track it but I believe it does help a lot in maintaining my skin color. My skin is well moisturized the whole day. Mine's the pump type, easy dispensing - a single press and it gives me the right amount of lotion I need in every application. 

why i like it

Good for daily use in Manila during the summer, my fave of the bunch as it's the most lightweight. Unfortunately , no spf I believe? 

vaseline cocoa butter deep conditioning

I have a thing with cocoa butter. Hey if our body craves for sweet, our skin deserves something sweet too noh? Who wouldn't love a slackened chocolate bar as a lotion? I thought it was caramel or chocolate-colored so my dream of having fondue like lotion applied in my skin's plonk down. How about crushed flecks of cocoa? None? Okay. I'll shut up.

I'm still hunting for that avocado chocolate lotion tho! Anybody knows where to get one or maybe if the Nivea Butter Body Lotion is easy to find, I would probably have gotten that.

quick thoughts

Has a richer texture than the Nivea one and the smell? Albeit not smelling too syrupy, it lacks that cocoa butter ooomph I was hoping for. Same pump type packaging with Nivea.

why i like it

Moisturizing enough and gives a certain glow to my skin. I highly think men will also love it. My partner does ! For someone so picky he used this as well. Also noticed it swiftly heals my dry patches.  A bit greasy but it has this greaseless aftermath. Weird. My least fave though!

innisfree olive real body lotion

I purchased this from Innisfree Singapore at Ngee Ann City , i think it was about $20 something per bottle. It claims that it's made with extra virgin premium olive oil. 

quick thoughts

You'll notice its unique viscosity - has a rich yet runny texture that hydrates the skin very well tho the moisturizing effect is not as long lasting. Gotta hate the packaging, it's quite hard to get it out from the bottle despite of the pump type bottle. I think they've repackaged this one but I haven't really checked it out yet. 

why i like it

Smells freshly amazing and I wanted to try a lotion with organic olives in it. No parabens, mineral oil and those harmful stuff. The smell doesn't go off quickly too! 

silka skin whitening lotion

I know it's loaded with papaya enzyme for that whitening effect - but then again, if you'll ask about how potent it is, I can't seem to see any difference. 

quick thoughts

Smells good and soft for the skin but as usual, I hate flip top caps as they're so messy. It takes time to sink into my skin, is it me or it's really a bit creamy? I needed to massage it in longer than the usual. 

why i like it

SPF 6! It's better than nothing right? At least I can walk down Manila streets with protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Very useful especially for those who likes to wear shorts or skirts, I guess. 

Have you tried any of these lotions?

Thanks for looking 

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When Loathing Lotion Is Not An Option: Body Care Lotions My Skin Can Tolerate Using During Summer in Manila, Philippines
[Innisfree Olive, Nivea Body Milk Cell Repair Protect,  Vaseline Cocoa Butter, Silka Whitening  Papaya Lotion]

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  1. Love the silka! I use it and my skin is beautiful

    1. Can't agree more! Plus the scent is really nice too!



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