REVIEW: PHILOSOPHY Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Ageing Trial Kit

Review: Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Ageing Trial Kit

a leaf changes its color, grapes when ripened turn into some fine wine. it just constantly reminds me that we age. unless you have a sprout antennae, that is another story. 

Like Kiehls, Philosophy became my next target to help me combat haaaay,  aging.  Come on, with each passing day we all age. Sucks but there is nothing we can do to stop it. So I grabbed this box since it promises a multitude of benefits. Stamped with the words miracle, miraculous - see below my thoughts on them. 

As you know I am very straightforward when it comes to reviewing anything that pertains to skincare. There are times that I can squeeze in about 1-2 sentences on a certain product. Simple philosophy (pun intended), what's the point in beating around the bush? 

I got the entire set for $65 at Philosophy TANGS and I could still remember that when I tried the retinoid pads during one of their press events I almost wanted to buy the full size that day.  The only thing that stopped me from buying was that Le Hubs was with me, s0000 must practice a no-impulse buy. 

Please note that this set is recommended to be used consecutively to further validate its efficacy.

philosophy miracle worker miraculous anti-ageing trial kit

Philosophy's miracle workers were created to give you visibly revitalized, renewed skin. Clinically proven to visibly improve all signs of aging, this skin care kit includes miracle worker miraculous anti-aging retinoid pads 60 ct., miraculous anti-aging moisturizer 2 oz. And miraculous anti-aging concentrate 1 oz. Formulated with a high-performance retinoid technology, cutting-edge peptides, antioxidants and advanced moisture barrier protection, our miracle workers will help deliver miraculous anti-aging skin results.

  • helps improve the appearance of wrinkles and pores
  • helps improve elasticity and firmness
  • helps improve skin tone and texture

The Miracle Worker Trial Set consists of:
  1. miracle worker miraculous anti-ageing concentrate | 7.5ml
  2. miracle worker miraculous anti-ageing moisturizer | 14g
  3. miracle worker miraculous anti-ageing retinoid pads | 15 pads
  4. miracle worker miraculous anti-ageing retinoid solution | 15ml

Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Ageing Retinoid Pads & Solution

Formulated with high performance retinoid formula (HPR), this anti-ageing treatment from Philosophy helps to reduce the appearance of skin discolouration and wrinkles; smooth your skin's texture and restore radiance; support natural collagen and unclog and minimise the appearance of enlarged pores. With antioxidants, skin conditioners and soothing agents, including vitamins C and E and green tea extract, this solution boosts skin's cell turnover rate so that your skin looks healthy and glows, with results seen within the first week of use.HPR has less potential for irritation and so the solution is suitable for all skin types. 


If you have sensitivity with retinoid please be extra careful in using this product. I felt a strong stinging sensation upon my first application; took me about 3-4 days before I got used  to it. As you know retinoid is a wrinkle-fighting and skin smoothing form of Vitamin A, promotes healthy cells renewal and  is widely used to treat skin issues - from acne to aging. The tinted bottle and fresh pour system maintain the retinoid stability for maximum benefit. I love the slim packaging of the retinoid pads however I'm not too sure if it actually preserved the freshness of the pads after some time. 

So how did I use this pair? I poured the entire bottle of the retinoid solution into the pads container and waited for a few minutes for the solution to be fully absorbed. Took one pad and wiped it all over my  face, back of the hands, even my elbows, knees and soles.  One pad each night (before concentrate & moisturizer),  I never used this in the morning. When using retinoid/retinol, I always make sure I use a product with a higher SPF - in this case, my VMV Armada Sport 70. 

I've only seen results in about 11 days - pores' size seemed to shrink, brighter skin sans the irritation. Obviously, I used the pads like an exfoliator. Do note that this is OILY and takes a while for it to go off. On to my second week, the efficacy seemed to have died down. The pads seemed drier but still I continued to use it but did not see any further results. My knees and elbows seemed to love it though, they felt really smooth. It smells like coconut by the way; take me the beach vibe!
If you are keen on trying out retinoids, you can grab this one for its low yet potent benefits. 

Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Ageing Concentrate
miraculous oil-free, anti-ageing concentrate that bolsters skin's natural ability to self rejuvenate as it helps support natural collagen, resulting in increased firmness.
This served as a serum; it's weightless and gives me that satiny feeling prior to applying the moisturizer - some serious prep work there huh. This has gained my repurchase nod after some time, why? I tried using it as a primer and loved how it made my foundation glide on to the skin smoothly; not all serums can do that. 

Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Ageing Moisturizer
A rejuvenating, age-fighting hydrator that softens, firms, and brightens the complexion. This luxurious cream treats signs of aging and fortifies the skin's natural moisture barrier, maximizing moisture-retention capacity for healthy, soft, smooth results. Loaded with vitamin C and glutathione, this revitalizing essential helps enhance natural collagen production, promote longevity, and imparts radiance.

After the retinoid duo and the concentrate, this was what I used as my moisturizer. Rich but goes right into skin. I feel that it really quenched my skin, no flaking nor splotches of dry skin - love that it's not oily despite being rich. I failed to see the luxurious there as what it claims, as well as the works of the glutathione. Aside from whitening, glutathione is known for protecting the skin from oxidative damage that leads to wrinkles - or maybe I was just really fair and it didn't do much in lightening some of my freckles. Yes I have a bit of freckles, albeit unnoticeable -  I do have 'em. 

This set was far from the 'miraculous' results it claims to offer yet I'll still be firm in saying that the serum or concentrate is worth repurchasing as I really love a serum that makes a good primer. 

Anti-aging products neither a single hero ingredient list do not work overnight. It's still a trial and error process. At the end of each day, a healthy diet and lifestyle contribute a lot with regards to taking care of your skin and to further delay signs of aging. 
Hey beautiful creature, growing old is not so bad;  years don't wrinkle the skin, it's the uncalled for stress!   Sprinkle your routine with patience and positivity - lead a healthy lifestyle and you'll never age a day. 

Thanks for looking 

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Review: Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Ageing Trial Kit


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