Decadent Candles Indeed ♡ Destination Candle: A Day in Amsterdam

Destination Candle: A Day in Amsterdam by Natural Light Candle Company

We all have the need to quiet down our own wheels & whenever it hits me - candles are my ally. 

Whilst some prefer essential oils over candles (can't blame you, I've tried a few that left a harmful soot in our home!) I find my lazy self still picking up candles whenever I'm mega stressed. Sometimes I feel like a dork staring at a flickering candle flame but then again I feel that it makes me feel much better than watching TV or scrolling on my Facebook feed. 

Yankee Candles and Bath & Body Works are my go-to's but when I was gifted this happy little pill , I told myself I needed more. Boy, it smelt frikkin amazing.  4 candles in 1?

This is the Destination Candle (A Day in Amsterdam) made by the Natural Light Candle Company which obviously aims to transport you (or vice-versa) to a specific country, scent-wise of course. It's founder/designer, Kelly Marciano started making beeswax candles in Bali since 1997. She then worked with fellow artisans blending traditional candle making methods with fine art techniques. Her craft of candle making turned into a sophisticated art with her award winning designs.

Kelly Marciano, Founder/Designer | Natural Light Candle Company

I believe bees wax candles are much better than paraffin and soy; albeit being more expensive,  it burns longer (up to 2.5 times), does not emit harmful toxins and even release negative ions which actually help in cleansing the air.

It's nice when someone gifted you something you really ended up loving, but it's nicer when you end up wanting to get more. 

So the label in this one states: Coffee or Koffie Verkeed (Dutch version of latte/cafe latte), Calla Lily & Tulip, Appletart, Chocolates & Cherries. Amnesty- for drooling please.

I thought that the scent would be a mixture of all 4, but once lit it will emit the scent as per layer shown. 

A Day In Amsterdam

Take a journey with Natural Light and spend an idyllic day in your favorite destination. As the candle burns, layers of new scents are revealed transporting you to a different time and place.

Enjoy a cup of koffie verkeerd before taking a morning stroll through Oosterpark where you see a colourful display of calla lilies and tulips. Jump on a canal taxi and find yourself winding through a maze of waterways to Dam Square where you stop near the Royal Palace for a warm appeltaart. Visit the Rembrandt House before settling in an old world restaurant for a delectable meal with a decadent dessert of Dutch chocolate and cherries.35 Hour Burn Time

I'm seeing smelling custard-caramel macchiatto-ish coffee, lotsa lotsa ripened sweet red cherries and warm sliced fresh from the oven apple pie/tart. 🍒 🍏 🍰 Wish the smell could expel from my computer to yours, mouthwatering indeed 😱

Ze scent is too good to be true; layer per layer, this candle is #dabombdiggity. ZOMG smells edible really! It has a good throw albeit the jar/packaging not being that attractive. As you can see, mine was housed in a plain cardboard box. I feel that they could have done more with the packaging of this one besides it's definitely a scene whiff-stealer!

I was itching to shop online (yes, while doing this post I got a few tabs opened, told you I want more) and found out that they've repackaged it and it was 1001x times better. I fell in love with the new design- thanks for granting my wish Miss Kelly haha!  The A Day in London is a must get for me, Earl Grey Tea sounds really yummy. I was surprised they got A Day in Singapore too!

Checking out their candles online was therapeutic, it's like scrolling through pinterest. Seriously lusting over Kelly's hand-painted designs. Love that they have candles that caters to different needs; may it be for weddings, gift ideas, home decor, etc. See some samples below from their website:

Everything looks so pretty right?! 

I know that the company's headquarters is located in Denpasar, Bali but then I missed  to check it out  when I was there. Never mind, on my next visit I will surely hunt for this. 

Watching this video on how they make their candles makes me wanna book my next trip to Bali already! Seeing (and smelling!) them over a cup of coffee would be a bliss. 

What's your daily candle scent lately?

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Destination Candle: A Day in Amsterdam by Natural Light Candle Company


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