EATS: Tiong Bahru Bakery Singapore. French Treats at your Tips.

Tiong Bahru Bakery Singapore

A place where they bake up golden brown happiness.

Seriously, French Treats at your Tips. Tiong Bahru Bakery by Celebrity Chef Gontran Cherrier. Chef Gontran was tagged as the Chef who brought Paris to the East. An artisan bakery that started its first foray into the Singapore cafe scene as a humble shop at Eng Hoon St. then opened the next at Raffles; and since I reside in Orchard I was frantically happy when they opened at Tangs. It's self-service though, so do not expect first class service. One thing I have noticed, they are overpriced and the crowd gets insane during weekends, as expected with cafes. The space at Tangs is also very small, I actually do not like the cafe's layout. But I won't complain much as it will just take for me a couple of steps to buy my fave Kouign Amann. 

I am no bread/pastry connoisseur so I'd let you in on what I usually buy from here. 

Kouign Amann - SGD 3.50

A Breton pastry, pronounced as KWEEN-YAH-MAHN. So what made this almost hard to pronounce pastry so special? This is done by folding an overload of butter and sugar, between sheets of puff pastry, then baked to a bronzed-buttery laminated disk. In other words, a high class BUTTER CAKE. Want me to make it much simpler? Top is crisp, salted-crunchy bottom. I shalt not leave out the middle, it should be heavenly soft and buttery.

My thoughts

Do yourself a favor. Don't ask the staff what is their best seller if it is your first time here. You'll surely get this answer. I'd admit, I got hooked to this. At first bite, it struck a chord with me.  Only because I do love a shitload of butter. I eat butter like I eat a chocolate bar haha. You should see me eat my pancake. Anyway, this is successful in putting me into a trance. The sweet caramelization, heaveners!  If you are a butterhead, not the leafy vege okeiii; then you should try this one out. If you like sweet and salty stuff, try..thank me later. They're flaky alright but I have noticed there was inconsistency with how they were made. Sometimes really brittle and crispy, there were instances they were a bit dry, so out of its character. 

Croissant/Chocolate Croissant - from SGD 2.50

No need an intro for this classic pastry I guess. 

My thoughts: 

Flaky, buttery and light - that's what makes a good croissant. To me, add these one up: 

The subtle taste of salt, faint hint of sweetness, all poofed up and jiggly.  

In here, yes they were tasty  tho I find them average. I have tasted other croissants in other hotel buffet spreads and they were much better. It seemed that they were somehow undone on the insides. Nothing spectacular about it. I'd choose the plain one over the chocolate anytime. 

Should I still talk about their coffee?

I'd pass on it. They always serve me with awful ones, not really freshly brewed so I never ordered a cuppa again.

Is there anything else worth trying out here? Let me know if you got recos, thanks~ On a side note, I think I might share all the foodie stuff, reviews and the whatnot every Sunday from now on. Anyway, people always look forward to weekends for all things foodie right ღ ツ 

Thanks for looking

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